24 hours in Carmel, Santa Cruz: Travel Diary

Sunday, October 04, 2015

 | Carmel Beach City Park

This weekend Trevor and I went on a mini road trip down the coast to soak up a little bit of California goodness. We had high hopes to leave at 7AM on Friday morning to explore Big Sur, but a raucous Thursday night out & subsequent crippling hangover foiled the plans. (I'm getting old, guys.) We ended up leaving Oakland around 1PM, and headed straight for our bed & breakfast in Carmel. 

I already got sappy about this on Instagram, so I won't repeat - but these two weekend bags are absolutely fantastic travel companions. Just having them around encourages exploration and last minute getaways. The fact that both were produced ethically makes them even more wonderful. 

| Toes in the Pacific

We stayed at the Sandpiper Inn, a very quaint and quiet spot right on the beach. We saw at least 6 dolphins right off the beach and I squealed every single time. I'd never been to Carmel and the only impression I had of it was that it was where Hayley Mill's dad in the original Parent Trap lived. The entire town was like a storybook village. In all honesty, it's not a place I could ever live - I need a little reality in my cities - but it was a perfect place to stroll around and window shop. 

| Jean-Bernard Vial with baguettes in progress, and completed baguettes in front

One serious highlight was the Lafayette Bakery - holy god, I have never eaten such delicious pastries in my entire life. We even got to watch master baker and frenchman Jean-Bernard Vial working on baguettes (he's in the background of the picture above). I cannot recommend this place enough if you're ever around Carmel. 

We also stopped by Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rio Carmelo, aka Carmel Mission. It was founded in 1770 and the architecture was incredible. Founding priest Junipero Serra was made a saint last week, and I whole heartedly disagree with that decision - but from an architecture perspective, seeing all of the Missions in California is a goal of mine. It was beautiful in person. 

| Boardwalk views |

We closed out the trip with a stroll down the Santa Cruz boardwalk. We didn't have much time to spend there, but I think I could've spent a full 8 hours photographing it.

California is the best, I don't know how else to say it.

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