Date Night, done with swag

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Jacket: Piperlime | Shirt: Forever21 | Skirt: thrifted | Bra: Free People 

I think what you choose to wear on a date says a lot about your perception of, and comfort with, your own personality. In my early twenties, if a first date was looming you would find me in a general frenzy: pre-gaming with way too much gin, straight ironing, applying and re-applying eyeliner, trying on every heel in my closet, stressing about whether or not my perfume was too strong. Hoping hard that the woman at the next barstool wasn't going to look cooler and more put together than I did. I wasn't unhappy with myself, just unsure in that early twenties way. You're an independent adult, but not yet fully confident in your own ins and outs. 

I'm turning 28 in a couple of weeks, and it's safe to say I've figured out who I am. 

Granted, I didn't wear this on a first date. I wore this on a bizillionth date with my boyfriend of almost three years, who knows me like the back of his hand. Even so, I know now that confidence is absolutely the most powerful and intoxicating thing you can wear on a date. 

So in this case, I picked things I love - things that make me feel like myself.

Case in point: wild hair that has spent all summer in the sun and is now a little lighter. A vintage silk skirt that I thrifted in Portland on an awesome weekend trip with my three sisters (my favorite humans on earth). A drapey tank-top that feels like you're wearing air. A peek of my favorite bra. A black leather bomber that makes me feel like it's 1985 I'm one of the back up dancers in the "How Will I Know" music video. No makeup but my favorite lipstick: Albeit's Vermillion. Enough rings to make me feel like I could be wearing brass knuckles.

I wanna know, loves - what's the thing in your closet that never fails to make you feel like your sassiest, happiest, most confident self? 

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