Fashion Editorials with Raquel & Stanley: Flower Power

Saturday, July 25, 2015

I've been posting a few teasers from this shoot with Raquel & Stanley on my Instagram - (btw, are we insta-friends? Come say hi!) - and I'm so excited to finally get a full set up. 

We wanted the styling in these photos to be minimal and billowy - but still full of romance and color. We ended up layering two floral kimonos over each other, and using several beautiful floral faux-tattoos that Raquel found on the Pepperink shop on etsy - you can find them here

These photos were shot in front of a 7 foot tall flower wall that we built ourselves. We spent long mornings scouring the San Francisco Flower Mart for the right blooms, then the morning of the shoot we carted 5 buckets full of blooms and a giant frame made by Raquel's boyfriend's father to our location and put it together. Several hours and too many thorn-pokes later, we had our backdrop. 

As a craft-challenged human, I felt incredibly proud of what we made.

Flowers are one of the few luxuries I indulge in every single week. Flowers lift my spirit in such a specific way - they remind me how unimportant my daily woes are. They are tiny, potent, impossible reminders of beauty without agenda, without any intent of gain. They bloom because that's what they're meant to do. They are striking and unique and imperfect because that is how they were designed. They are not trying. They are not competing. 

I invariably wake up calmer & more optimistic when there are flowers on my nightstand. 

All photos shot by Stanley Chang Photography
styling by Raquel of Swoon & Style

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