Music Tuesday, Lord Huron - Strange Trails

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Tuesday's album is Strange Trails, by Lord Huron.

The opening lyrics of the first song nail me: "Yes, I know that love is like ghosts / Oh few have seen it but everybody talks". Though the mood throughout the album is wistful and sad, at the end I feel comforted and optimistic. Given the lyrical themes (graves, shrouded paths, ghosts, death, battles, encroaching darkness) it seems odd, but I guess brushy percussion, reverb, and sweet melodies will always do what they do.

If you're seeking smiles, go here:
Until the Night Turns, Hurricane (Johnnie's Theme), Fool for Love, Cursed, Louisa

Go here otherwise:
Love Like Ghosts, Meet Me in the Woods, The Yawning Grave, Way Out There

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