Fashion Editorials with Raquel & Stanley: Las Hermanas

Sunday, May 24, 2015

This is the latest batch of photos from my ongoing adventure collab with photographer Stanley Chang and stylist Raquel Ramos

The concept for this shoot was born out of the fact that Monica (above left) and Raquel (above right), are best friends who are constantly mistaken for each other. We played with the idea but dressing them in similar clothes - leather jackets, sneakers, sequins, fringe, beanies - and let their individual personalities come through in their poses and expressions. 

We took the first half of the photos in a Chinatown alley in San Francisco.

A look David Bowie could be proud of.

The back half of the photos were taken haphazardly around Soma (one of the joys of guerilla photography is that occasionally your location plans have to be flexible). 

This shot was one of my favorites - I love the fringe next to Monica's hair. 

Overall the photos convey confidence, closeness, and bad-assery, just as we hoped they would.

Now excuse me while I go find some Vans to stomp moodily around Oakland in.

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