Pinterest Inspiration: Glossy, Urban Bohemian

Monday, January 19, 2015

Over the past 6 months or so I've found myself dressing in a more classic, preppy style - lots of denim, olive, booties, button downs, and neutral colors. But I'm shifting into the new year - drawn back to a more glamorous, bohemian, romantic vibe. The clothes & outfits I'm drawn to are telling stories of a certain woman - a woman I aspire to be. 

Here's what's on her agenda: 

Travel. Strong, heady, herbal cocktails. Impossible love stories, and many of them. Mornings in dimly lit cafes. Afternoons spent strolling downtown streets, picking up flowers and fish to cook later for dinner. Tiny, warm apartments full of watercolors, charcoal drawings, and way too many plants. Stacks and stacks of short stories on the nightstand. Bright city lights. The best seats at the symphony she can afford, which are usually nosebleed. Vintage wool hats and charm bracelets, long lace dresses and a thousand perfumes. 

All images via my Pinterest page.

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