Fashion Editorials with Raquel & Stanley: Hi/Lo

Friday, January 09, 2015

Dress: Dolce Vita | Shirtdress: H&M | Belt: Zara | Boots: Kimchi Blue | Bangles: Zara 

More photos from me, Stanley & Raquel's latest shoot!

We took these photos around sunset in the Tenderloin in San Francisco (except the one just below this text - that was in SOMA). Though the environment seems calm in these pictures, it was bananas all around us. Tons of commuters rushing by, cars and trains and cable cars, people coming up ask what the heck we were doing.  

At first we worried that the photos would come out with too much hi/lo contrast because of the sunset, but the harsh light ended up lending itself to the mood of the outfit really well. Very dark, very light. 

More to come! 

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1 comment :

Flaquito said...

¡Hola marie! The photo at SOMA (not sure where that is) is my favorite in this group! The background painting makes you look like you're floating. Beautiful.

I wish there were some photos of you with a longer depth of field, where that outfit could literally flow into oblivion.

Keep up the good work!