All Lace All Day + CreativeLive Post: Your blog doesn't have to be perfect!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

68 and sunny at the end of January - I think the only way to celebrate it properly is to break out all the white lace I can get my hands on! These tulips in my living room have also been inspiring me this week.

Two lace tops: Forever 21 | Belt: thrifted | Skirt: Piperlime | Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Purse: Banana Republic | Jacket: Urban Outfitters 

Have you guys heard of CreativeLive? They're an amazing online education platform that can basically teach you how to do ANYTHING - organize your life, master Photoshop, get in shape,  manage your money, become your own name it. My very cool big sister works there, and  interviewed me for a piece about style blogging! Click on over to hear my 5 tips for making your blog stand out, why I'm addicted to fashion, and why I think perfection is boring! 

Happy Weekend!

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Fashion Editorials with Raquel & Stanley: Suit Up

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Paisley Suit: Monki | Denim crop top: Zara | Chain link necklace: Zara | Long necklace: gift, Paper Dolls (thanks Julia)
Ring: gift, Ann Taylor circa 2001 (thanks Mom) | Shoes: Converse 

These are some more photos from the styling adventures of Stanley, Raquel & I. These photos were taken in Clarion Alley in San Francisco on a burning hot October day. 

I think of all of the outfits we shot that day, this was my favorite. I was so excited about it because it was several things that were beautiful, but that I would never ordinarily wear - a full suit, paisley, crop tops...somehow it came out looking exactly the way we hoped it would. In fact, we weren't the only ones who loved these photos - EyeEm held a contest seeking street style photography from around the world, and of 3,500 photos submitted, one of ours was chosen in the top 15! 

 As a result of being in the top 15 in the EyeEm contest, one of our photos was featured on the Huffington Post online - you can see the article here. It was pretty surreal!

I couldn't manage to have a serious face for all of them! 

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Girl from the north Country

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shirt: Anthropologie | Belt: thrifted 
Skirt: Champagne & Strawberry, via Piperlime | Necklace: Anthropologie 

64 and sunny in January is still miraculous to me, even though it's my second California winter. A perfect excuse for white lace and sleeveless tops. 

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Haircuts & Headscarves

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Turban: Yestadt Millinery | Necklace: gift, J Crew (thanks Mom) | Top: Banana Republic
Pants: J Brand Maria | Socks: Gap | Shoes: Clark's | Jacket: J Crew

The aversion to salons & hairstylists continues - 
I present to you, my latest haircut, courtesy of my boyfriend and our kitchen scissors. 

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Pinterest Inspiration: Glossy, Urban Bohemian

Monday, January 19, 2015

Over the past 6 months or so I've found myself dressing in a more classic, preppy style - lots of denim, olive, booties, button downs, and neutral colors. But I'm shifting into the new year - drawn back to a more glamorous, bohemian, romantic vibe. The clothes & outfits I'm drawn to are telling stories of a certain woman - a woman I aspire to be. 

Here's what's on her agenda: 

Travel. Strong, heady, herbal cocktails. Impossible love stories, and many of them. Mornings in dimly lit cafes. Afternoons spent strolling downtown streets, picking up flowers and fish to cook later for dinner. Tiny, warm apartments full of watercolors, charcoal drawings, and way too many plants. Stacks and stacks of short stories on the nightstand. Bright city lights. The best seats at the symphony she can afford, which are usually nosebleed. Vintage wool hats and charm bracelets, long lace dresses and a thousand perfumes. 

All images via my Pinterest page.

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