Last Week Tonight: Outfit roundup

Sunday, November 16, 2014

This week was a lot of blacks, whites, & neutrals. Also a lot of repeat players, which I'm hoping is a sign that my ability to utilize my closet successfully is growing.

{ Monday } 

 Top, pants, sweater, purse, necklace: Banana Republic | Scarf: Nastygal | Shoes: Jessica Simpson 

{ Tuesday } 

Purse: Banana Republic | Scarf: Nastygal | Shoes: Dr. Scholl's
Dress, jacket: Anthropologie
| Rings: Francesca's, Therapy, Banana Republic 

{ Wednesday }

Purse: Banana Republic | Scarf: Nastygal | Shoes: Dr. Scholl's
Denim: AG
| Shirt: Free People | Necklace: H&M | Lipstick: Albeit "Vermillion"
Rings: Francesca's, Therapy, Banana Republic, Penelope's Chicago 

{ Thursday } 

Booties, dress, cardigan: Anthropologie | Tights: HUE | Necklace: Banana Republic
Trench: Everlane
| Lipstick: Albeit "Persimmon" 

{ Friday } 

Glasses: Forever 21 | Purse, necklace, sweater: Banana Republic | Scarf: Nastygal
Belt: thrifted
| Denim: Gap | Booties: Clarks | Tshirt: Anthropologie 

{ Saturday } 

Purse: Banana Republic | Dress: Papercrown | Belt: thrifted | Jacket: Urban Outfitters 

 { Sunday } 

Purse: Philip Lim for Target | Denim: Banana Republic | Shoes: Gap | Sweater: J Crew
Belt: thrifted
| Scarf: Nastygal | Hat: Old Navy 

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10 Albums that Remind Me to be a Bad Ass Bitch, made by 10 incredible bad ass bitches.

Friday, November 14, 2014

In no particular order, all listed with great love and respect. 
[ Disclaimer: pop music is my favorite kind of music, so most of this list is pop-y. ] 

True - Solange (2012)
This album is short and powerful - only 7 songs, but each of them packs heat. Solange croons honestly about heartache and confusion over airy, pulsing rhythms and you feel like she's reading your diary. 

Favorites: "Losing You", "Lovers in the Parking Lot", "Don't Let Me Down"

Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 - Janet Jackson (1989)
I remember hearing bits and pieces of this album as a kid, and absolutely adoring it. It's so perfectly named - the whole thing pounds and cranks along like machinery. I love the dose of hair-banging 80s rock, I love the twinkling xylophones, I love the fearless, ferocious quality of the album as a whole. 

Favorites:  "Rhythm Nation", "Miss You Much", "Love Will Never Do (Without You)", Escapade", "Black Cat"

Body Talk - Robyn (2012)
A modern electropop classic. Every song leaves you bleeding, in the best way. [ Side story: one summery Sunday after college I watched my best friends pile into a car to roadtrip to Milwaukee to see Robyn perform Body I got ready to go to work. I will NEVER forget the irrational rage I felt toward my job, my life, and everything in the universe on that morning that was keeping me from going with them.] 

Favorites: "Dancing on my Own", "Indestructible", "Hang With Me", "Dancehall Queen"

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill (1998)
This one has been a standby since I was a little kid, reading the Sunday ads that came in the paper, checking each week to see if Lauryn was still listed in the bestsellers at Target & Best Buy (she always was). This album digs deep into you, lays you out flat, then pulls you back off the ground again. Gorgeously vulnerable, but never weak for even a moment. It shattered records, blew our minds, became absolutely irreplaceable. 

Favorites: "Ex-Factor", "To Zion", "Doo Wop (That Thing)", "Every Ghetto, Every City"

Pure Heroine - Lorde
Angsty, minimal, odd lyrics and beats spun together to create a perfect mood. The very first words of the whole album sum it up: "Don't you think that it's boring how people talk / making smart with their words again, well I'm bored / because I'm doing this for the thrill of it, killin' it / never not chasing a million things I want". 

Favorites: "400 Lux", "Buzzcut Season", "Team"

Loud - Rihanna (2010)
Perhaps because it reminds me of late nights running around Chicago at age 23, perhaps because Rihanna is the master of the art of DGAF, perhaps because this album is full of perfect pop songs. The subject matter is familiar and the lyrics aren't particularly piercing, but Rihanna's voice gets it all. She knows.

Favorites: "What's My Name", "Only Girl in the World", "California King Bed", "Man Down"

Take Me When You Go - Betty Who (2014)
The most danceable, sing-a-long-able, joyful celebration of young love I've ever heard. Betty Who sees all of it (uncertainty, nerves, laughs, firsts, lasts, fights, and the lovers themselves) with an incurable optimism and at the end of it you know she's wise beyond her 23 years. 

Favorites: "Just Like Me", "Runaways", "Alone Again", "California Rain"

Morning - Amel Larreiux (2006)
Amel is a poet, and her way with words is only matched by her effortless vocals. This album makes me want to dance, curl up with a huge mug of tea, read epic novels, learn new languages, buy plane tickets, march down the street high-fiving people, drive to the beach at 4 AM to watch the sun come up. Her effervescent spirit is 100% contagious. 

Favorites: "No One Else", "Earn My Affections", "Morning", "Just Once"

Frank - Amy Winehouse (2003)
The title sums it: this album is frank. There are no frills, no elaborate language, no rose-colored glasses. It's smudgy and dark and definitely intoxicated, and that raw honesty grabs me in the gut. It sounds so real it's easy to miss the beautiful instrumental arrangements in the background, or the ease with which Amy's voice navigates some crazy notes. 

Favorites: "Stronger Than Me", "I Heard Love Is Blind", "In My Bed", "What Is It About Men"

4 - Beyonce (2011)
I know I said I wouldn't play favorites, but....
this one wins, for me. In fact it wins so hard that I am incapable of picking favorite tracks.

Favorites: ALL. OF. THEM.

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Most Valuable Players: 2

Sunday, November 09, 2014

I'm still doing my best to not shop, so in the spirit of loving the one you're with, here is a salute to the Most Valuable Players in my closet. There for me in bad times & good, whether I'm feeling ignited or uninspired, these bad boys always come through for me. As a collection they feel decidedly Classic - which can be dull unless mixed with the proper doss of sass, which I think they always are. 

I did an MVP post back in 2011, and crazily enough, a couple of the gems on that list made this one, too. I marked those two off, along with this year's one-to-watch: from all places, Dr. Scholl's. 

I also added links to some of my favorite outfits these guys have been featured in. 

 { Madewell chambray button-down. } 

On the blog: 8 times 

{Anthropologie Pure & Good t-shirt. } 

On the blog: remarkably, only 2 times 

{ AG Stevie Ankle denim. } 
*available here

On the blog: 10 times 

Favorite features: A Prim & Proper (Thrifted) Jacket, A New Kind of Winter, Heads Up,
California Girls (shot by Danielle Elliott), Furry Girl (shot by Allen Dayag)

 { Urban Outfitters BDG racer back cotton tank. } 

On the blog: front + center? 1 time.
(But unseen superstar in countless outfits.)

Favorite feature: Ballerina Dreams 

{ H&M silk blouse. } 

On the blog: 4 times

Favorite features: Old Faithful, Gold Standard, Summer Silk
and in my very first outfit post EVER, Edie-Glam/Man Pants 

{ Banana Republic Sloan skinnies. } 
*available here!

On the blog: 9 times 

{ Dr. Scholl's leopard pony hair flats. } 
*available here

On the blog: 1 time.

{Anthropologie Pilcro "Avie" denim jacket. } 
*available here!

On the blog: 9 times

{ Anthropologie Charlie & Robin mohair cardigan. } 

On the blog: 3 times 

Favorite features: California Girls (photographed by Danielle Elliott), Gypsy Woman 

{ Banana Republic + Mad Men lace shell. } 

On the blog: 4 times 

Happy Sunday!

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My Boyfriend the Bartender - 7

Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Perfect Manhattan.

2 parts Bulleit Rye
a heavy-handed 6 or 7 dashes Angostura bitters 
1 Luxardo maraschino cherry (& the syrup that comes with it in the spoon)

Stir everything but the cherry in ice until reeeeeally cold, 
strain and serve in a rocks glass with the cherry.

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Autumn outfits, & rediscovering old loves

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Coat: Anthropologie | Skirt: vintage, thrifted | Scarf: thrifted | Shoes: Ann Taylor 
Shirt: Madewell | Tie: Topman | Purse: Banana Republic | Rings: thrifted, Penelope's Chicago

Bowtie last seen here, last February.

It's cooling down and I'm easing into my favorite kind of clothes: cozy & femme, always a little goofy. I've also been reaching into the back of my new shiny closet and finding some old favorite pieces I'd forgotten - several of them are in these outfits. 

Sweater: vintage, thrifted | Pants: Banana Republic | Socks: Anthropologie | Shoes: Aldo
Jacket: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Forever 21 | Purse: Banana Republic 

Sweater last seen in January, here.

Sweater: Anthropologie | Shirt: H&M | Necklaces: Forever 21, Julie Nolan Jewelry
Headband: Anthropologie | Nailposlih: OPI "Jade is the New Black", Covergirl "Pink-finity" 

Shirt last seen in February, here

Trench: Everlane (thanks Bizzy) | Shirt: Urban Outfitters | Pants: Anthropologie
Shoes: Jessica Simpson | Rings: thrifted, Penelope's Chicago, Francesca's (thanks Emma)

Pants last seen in April 2013, here

Blazer: Forever 21 | Dress: Forever 21 | Coat: Banana Republic 
Shoes: Banana Republic | Necklace: H&M | Purse: Banana Republic 

Bellhop blazer last seen way back in May 2012, here

Blouse: Forever 21 | Skirt: Banana Republic | Jacket: Anthropologie 

Shirt last seen here, all the way back in freakin' December 2011. 

One of my favorite blogs out of Chicago, The Everygirl, has released this month's 30-day Challenge: 30 days of Wearing your Wardrobe. The idea is to not shop for 30 days (a challenge I already completed last week - woohoo!!),  and to look deep into the back of the closet to find hidden & forgotten gems to get them back into rotation. I do tend to favor a few MVPs, and I'm planning on doing a post to showcase them soon, but I know my closet has an impossible number of choices & combinations that I need to discover. There are possibilities unexplored in there, and this is a perfect season for experimentation. At the end of the challenge, you're supposed to swap, sell or donate the things you couldn't make work - and downsizing/donating is always good.

Plus, not shopping for the last 30 days felt excellent and I'd love to do it again. I'm a hard-wired Emotional Responder, which can lead to many not-so-wise (but in the end, wisdom-giving) shopping choices - and life choices, for that matter. A la Kanye: "I'm tryna right my wrongs / but it's funny the same wrongs helped me write this song." Pulling back on the reins feels good, and reminds me to notice the good around me. 

Happy Saturday.

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