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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bag: Banana Republic   Necklace: vintage (thanks Gram)   Top: Banana Republic   Skirt: Anthropologie   Trench: Everlane   Shoes: Nine West 

Trench: Everlane  Top: Madewell  Dress: Yoana Baraschi  Scarf: NastyGal  Shoes: Dr. Scholl's  Bag: Banana Republic 

Headscarf: Urban Outfitters  Scarf: NastyGal  Bag: Banana Republic   Pants: AG Jeans  Shoes: Banana Republic
Coat: Anthropologie  Sweater: Anthropologie  Necklace: Banana Republic 

Bag: Banana Republic  Jacket: Urban Outfitters  Skirt: Banana Republic  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Scarf: NastyGal  Belt: Ann Taylor  Tshirt: Anthropologie  

Top: thrifted  Shorts: Anthropologie  Earrings: vintage (thanks Gram)  Tote: J Crew 

Bag: Banana Republic  Dress: Forever 21  Sweatercoat: Anthropologie  Shoes: Jessica Simpson  Necklace: Free People (thanks Nadine) 

My boyfriend gave me the coolest birthday gift ever: he redid my awful bedroom closet and made it wide, spacious & oh-so-useful. (Insert the necessary Carrie/Big joke here.) It looks incredible and a major, welcome side effect of being able to see all of my clothes is...well, being able to see all of my clothes. It has smacked some perspective in my face: GOOD LORD I HAVE A LOT OF CLOTHES. So many more than I need, so many more than is necessary. 

This has kicked off a no-new-clothes period that I plan to make last as long as I possibly can, as well as several trips to donate anything I no longer wear. Today I'm at day 18. I know that's a tiny number. But admitting your problem is the first step to fixing it, right?

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