Before & After: Closet

Friday, October 31, 2014

Behold! You couldn't have wished for an uglier before shot. This was after we'd ripped out all of the bars & wooden 2x4s. 

The bedroom closet has been major annoyance in our apartment. Though it's large enough to be walk-in style and has very tall ceilings, it was impossible to get in & out, or see anything inside. Picture a strange conglomeration of unpainted 2x4s, peeling 30 year old paint, and random wooden bars sticking out in odd directions. A few months ago I tore out some boards and tried to use a rolling rack in there instead, but that only barely helped. It irritated me on a daily basis while trying to get dressed in the morning. 

When my birthday came around this year I couldn't think of anything I wanted - luckily Trevor had noticed my constant frustration with the closet, and he decided to redo it! [Insert the necessary Carrie/Big joke here.] It's still a work in progress, but check out the unbelievable progress below. (And please enjoy the mega-high-quality iphone video & Trevor's weird popping noises.)

There's space for everything now - shirts, skirts, maxi dresses, shoes, belts . . . it's organized to perfection. And I can actually see everything, which is a major victory considering how dark & cluttered it was before. 

All of the materials for this were bought at Home Depot & IKEA, for a surprisingly small amount of money. There were some more obvious pre-created options that you pick from a catalog and a couple of people come over and install for you, but that was ridiculously expensive - especially after we realized how cheaply we could do it ourselves. 

I still consider it a work in progress (I'm hoping to fix the paint, install some pretty light fixtures, and possibly add some mirrors & framed posters), but I am over the moon about how well it came out.

I'll post another progress update soon!

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