Sigh #3. A SWIILPT playlist.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Unfortunately for the world, I was born a romantic - complete with frequent fainting spells and near constant daydreaming. But the good news is it means I have a thing for really wonderful jazz. I always listen to jazz during the fall when I'm feeling moody/swoon-y. This is the third Sigh playlist I've made (see Sigh #1 here, and Sigh #2 here). 

I wrote a list of suggested activities to go along with Sigh #2, and that list suits this iteration perfectly, too, so here it is. 

1 - Homework (I'm jealous).
2 - Bake pies.
3 - Makeout (trust me).
4 - Take a walk in the center of the city.
5 - Take a walk in the middle of nowhere. 
6 - Drink hot toddies.
7 - Wear slippers.
8 - Write letters to people you like.
9 - Ride a train. 
10 - Do all of the above, in the course of one day.

Hope you enjoy it!

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