Home Sweet Apartment.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

[ My little living room in Oakland. ] 

Trevor and I took a marathon tour of the Midwest last week. Three wonderful cities in seven wonderful days - it was a blast, and I am absolutely exhausted. There were 4 AM dance parties, insane amounts of butter, carbs and alcohol, long drives on dirt roads, so many hugs and happy reunions...California is wonderful, but I miss the Midwest more than I can express.

And yet it's funny how coming home always puts things back in perspective - I popped up out of bed like a daisy at 6:30 this morning, and was so excited to make my bed, clean up my apartment, snuggle with my cat, and go get a latte at my coffeeshop. So excited to lay on my couch and finish my Vanity Fair and do absolutely nothing else, except look forward to seeing my boyfriend when he comes home from work, and look forward to fun plans later tonight with friends.

It's good to be home, Oakland. 

[ Apartment credits:  Couch - Ikea. Tennis rackets - vintage, from Brimfield in Chicago. Curtains - Anthropologie. Throw blanket - Ikea. Black/white pillow - Ikea. Flora pillow - Anthropologie. Rug - Urban Outfitters. Lampshade - Anthropologie. Lamp base - Urban Outfitters. Side table - Amazon. Coffe table/army trunk: vintage, from Michigan. Vase - thrifted. ] 

[ Sunset in Ann Arbor. ]

Cheers to loving where you're sitting.

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