Icons: Julia Sarr-Jamois

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Name: Julia Sarr-Jamois
Occupation: Fashion Editor-at-large, i-D Magazine (and contributor to Pop, Teen Vogue, Vogue Japan, Miss Vogue Australia and Double, no less)  

Why I love her: she has a knack for effortless cool like no one else. A look at any of her outfits, even when they are elaborate, gives you the feeling that she rolled out of bed, chose something that made her happy, and didn't give it a single other thought. She mixes menswear beautifully, and always has one standout accessory to tie everything together. And her hair is incredible - every bit as iconic to me an Anna Wintour's bob.

I love how she balances feminine pieces with casual, tomboy cool in so many of her outfits. The below grey sweater + men's denim + sequined clutch combo is one of my favorite street style looks of all time.

Julia's Fashion Tips: 

"I love ‘coloring’ winter days by wearing bright colors.  I have fun mixing different tones and prints together. My favorite ones are camouflage, animal prints and madras. I also like stealing iconic pieces from men’s closets such as white shirts, blazers or cashmere jumpers. Wear these borrowed-from-the-boys pieces with a mini-dress, heels and show your legs to look more feminine in them."
- as told to Yoox 

All images via Pinterest

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