Dreams of Paris, kitchen selfies.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Shirt: Anthropologie | Shorts: Anthropologie | Glasses: gift (thanks Danielle) | Lipstick: Albeit "Vermillion" 

Trying to find a way to take photos in my apartment. I really miss the mirror-photo part of this blog sometimes and I want to try to pepper it back in. The best option for this outfit was photos in my kitchen, so, voila! Selfies with my stove.

Anyway, surprise surprise, I have been dreaming of Paris non stop for the past several days (slash the past 26 years), and thus keep finding myself in stripes + high-waisted black bottoms. 

Wore this around my house all day, and out later for dinner ingredient shopping. 

This t-shirt is probably the only one I've ever owned that I wear consistently. I actually bought two of it, so I would have a backup when the first one inevitably came apart. The shape is so simple & perfect and I wish I'd bought all of the colors it came in.

Heading out for a lunch & a hike.
Happy Saturday.

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