Chinos. (Yes you read that right.)

Monday, May 05, 2014

Corset: Anthropologie | Chinos: Gap, available here | Lipstick: Albeit "Persimmon", available here | Shoes: Forever 21, available here 

I have been quoted saying that people should not wear chinos. I may have said that I detest them. But I am issuing an official retraction, and correction: people should not wear tight, light, country club chinos. People should, in fact, wear chinos the way Katherine Hepburn would - with ample swag, and the necessary dose of slouch. 

Wore this on a Sunday around my hood.

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Katie Barthelow said...

I dont understand how you've managed to get even more gorgeous and adorable.

Also, I like the new style of posting you've been doing lately.

Basically, to sum it up, you rock!

Marie said...

Thanks babygirl!! <3