Sunday Snippets #6

Sunday, March 16, 2014

[A quick snap on the way out the door. Ancient BR blazer, BR blouse, Julie Nolan Jewelry necklace.]

[A homemade take on the bay shrimp/avocado roll from Woodhouse, with the happy addition of Dungeness crab meat.]

[Still. Painting.]

[Making sense of my closet - currently holding steady at 39 dresses. Which is down significantly from 2012's all time high of 54. Yikes.]

[St. Patrick's Day on the beach.]

[Sunset in Oakland, Sutro in the distance.] 

[This is Miles, by BFF's puppy. He is J'ADORABLE and he has a twitter account. You're welcome.]

[Making an apple pie, totally out of season, totally incorrectly.]

[Sunset at the Berkeley Marina.] 

The past month has been absolutely jammed with adventures, work, settling in, and exploring. I can't remember the last time I spent more than an hour just being quiet. Terrible reveal: I also can't remember the last time I finished a magazine/article/book that I started. I've been bouncing around and it seems like my attention span is getting ever shorter, but I'm going to try to spend the next week really plugging into whatever I'm doing - no more spinning in circles, doing 900 things at once. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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