Sunday, February 16, 2014

I have nothing new or revolutionary to add to the capital H Hair lexicon, and I can't claim an academic understanding of all of the layers in the discussion - all I have to bring to the table is my own experience. There were times in my life I hated my hair, and fought against it, and did everything in my power to suppress it in some way or another. The reality of my hair - frizzy, curly, soft, unruly, entirely unpredictable - never felt normal. I've never actually met anyone who has hair exactly like mine, including my own sisters. I wanted it to either be completely straight or perfectly curly, and it is neither of those things, but the oddity of it contains a magic that I finally started to understand in the last few years. Any day of the week, it can look brand new. The possibility for experimentation is pretty much endless, save a few hot iron and perfectly sculpted tricks. The point is, after a lot of years I love my hair, strangeness and all, and lately I've been drawn to crazy curls and wide, afro-like frizz. 

Now I'm considering a dye job, for the first time in my life . . . thinking of going a little blonde. 

All inspiration images via my Style board on Pinterest, which you can find here.
Off to make a mess in the kitchen and call it dinner.
Hope your weekend was beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

Oh hair. I have never been able to control mine, never mind the fact that it is at least 4 different textures at any given time. Though we fight, I have been trying to embrace it more. I actually just picked up some flexi rods to give me more defined curls and I'm obsessed.

And go lighter!! Even if it's the only time you ever do it! It's so much fun.

Marie said...

Alyssa, I wanna see your flexi-curl hair!! Yeah my hair is the same - at least 4 different things at once. I kinda want to do a little bit of blonde ombre on the bottom . . . coming in right on track, about 5 years behind trend : )