Molly Moon's Honey Lavender Ice Cream

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I went to Molly Moon's several years ago with my Seattle-loving sister Danielle. I had the honey lavender ice cream and I don't think I'd ever eaten anything so delightful. I think honey & lavender may be my favorite flavor combination of all time. 

{Speaking of which, if you're lucky enough to live in Chicago and haven't tried the spring seasonal Lavender Honey caramels from Amy's Candy Bar, GET THERE. NOW.}

Trevor and I followed the recipe for this gem from Molly Moon's recipe book, and since we don't have a fancy ice cream maker we used hilarious substitute materials: mason jars and empty paint buckets. 

The ingredients are simple - just heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, honey, lavender flowers, and a pinch of salt. The sum of the parts will seriously blow your mind. 

It sprinkled rain in Oakland today . . . it honestly shocked me. 
I could get used to California winter.

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Emilia said...

This is so adorable! We're going to post a link on our Facebook page - thrilled to hear you love MM's honey lavender so much!

Marie said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout Emilia! : )

- Marie