Big Hair Don't Care

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sweater: vintage
Pants: Gap
Glasses: gift, Forever 21 (thanks Danielle)
Booties: Target
Lipstick: Albeit, "Vermillion", Anthropologie
Tote: Target

Wore this to work earlier in the week.

You know those pieces you love so much that you can never give them up, even when the material is threadbare and small holes start to appear? That's how I feel about this sweater. I found it thrifting in Chicago ages ago.  This past winter I suddenly saw tons of embellished shoulder sweaters popping up at places like Forever21, but no shiny new gem could tear me away from this oldie.

Pants: here
Boots: here, here, here 
Tote: here, here, here 

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1 comment :

Carrie said...

Great sweater! (And you are rockin' the big hair!) I can see why you are hanging on to it - I like the subtlety of the embellishment being the same color as the sweater!