Playlist: Blurry Eyes, SF.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Two months in San Francisco!

Not feeling any less amazed, terrified, enthralled. Living out of a suitcase for the past couple of months has made me think ad nauseam about what I've still got; what travels with me even when I travel alone. I've never enjoyed looking inward, despite what this blog may lead you to believe. Being so off-balance in California has forced me into it. The process is long, but I'm learning to not be hard on myself. Music has always been my religion, and sometimes the right mixtape helps me let go.

That being said, here it is!

Blurry Eyes, SF.

This weekend was our Friendsgiving in Dolores Park, and though I missed the great bulk of the celebrations, it was still so wonderful to be cramped with some of my favorite women into a tiny apartment, eating more leftovers and drinking more cocktails than anyone should. 

Blasting this playlist in my headphones and going out to explore today. 
Happy Tuesday, world!
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Cally said...

You make the best "mixed tapes"! I still listen to the CD you made me freshman year at DePaul!

Marie said...

Thanks Cally!! : ) I'm sure it was full of ridiculous freshman-year-y things, I'm glad you still love it!