Chicago, I love you.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Tomorrow I am leaving Chicago. 

When I got here a Daley was still the mayor and nobody knew who the Blackhawks were. Big Star was still the Pontiac Diner, Millenium Park had juuuuust opened, and the Pink Line didn't even exist. When I got here I knew nothing about life - I still don't know much, except that no place will ever feel like this again. Something kept me here even when I wanted to bail, and I know now that it was the city teaching me to stick with things. Chicago, I love you, you made me who I am. Cheers to one last day.

[photo taken by Danielle Elliott, circa 2009]

[photo taken by either Heather Thiry or Frannie O'Connell, circa 2008]

[photo taken by Allen Dayag, circa 2012]

They say you never forget your first, and man do I know it.
Farewell Chicago, you incomparable beauty.

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Alex said...

Oh man. This post kind of made me cry. I'll miss you M!