A lesson in magnetism

Friday, June 14, 2013

Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: gifted by Love, Lill
Romper: Anthropologie
Shoes: gift, Steve Madden (thanks Mom!)

Guys, I tried. 
I tried SO HARD.
To resist this romper.

But for the love of God, look at it.
I am only so strong.

In spite of the existence of SWIILPT, and actually partly because of it, I am always trying to curb my shopping habits and take true stock of what I own and what I love. If you've ever tried to write a style blog you've probably experienced the shopaholic/monster/hoarder side effects that can come with it. It can be a battle to keep your head on - to remember that it's about quality, not quantity. 

To keep myself from buying things, I play hard to get. I first try telling myself I don't like it that much. Yeah, it's cute, but whatever, so is every other romper. When that doesn't work, I tell myself I don't need it. This is usually where it all stops, because it is ALWAYS TRUE: I do not need a romper. I do not need any more clothes

After a few weeks, if I still catch myself thinking of it wistfully, I surrender.

My photographer. She is very talented and focused, as long as there are no squirrels around.

I'm pairng it with another love-at-first-sight, my favorite baggy jacket.

My Mom searched high and low for these shoes for me after I gave up on finding them in a size that would fit my GIANT feet - she is the nicest.

Necklace: here, here
Jacket: here 

It's feeling like Chicago Summer and I'm a happy camper.
Tonight I'm going to see Josh Rouse with some of my favorite people, and I can't wait.


Carrie said...

That romper is adorable, particularly when paired with the baggy jacket.
I hear ya on how hard it is to resist the shopping bug. But I think your strategy works ... if I forget about it, I REALLY didn't need it. :)

Marie said...

Thanks Carrie! We all have to battle the shopping bug, right?! : )

Anonymous said...

At least you proved to yourself that you can resist it for a decent amount of time! Also, jealous that you rock a romper so perfectly. I really just look like an overgrwon toddler that needs a diaper change.

Marie said...

Hahahah Alyssa I honestly think I might look that way too - I'm just pretending I don't!!