Home Improvement

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My roommates and I are in the process of giving our apartment a facelift!
(My living room was always pretty cute, but you can see a couple "before" photos of this room in these two posts from 2011: Summer Silk and A Headband I Can Actually Wear)

Behold, what a coat of grey paint can do.
We found that vintage wagon wheel from the 1920s in Grand Haven Michigan. 

A few thrift gems plus one from good ol Anthro. 

Working on new curtains, using a sheet as a tablecloth, bought some fun placemats.

The CROWN JEWEL, in my opinion: a vintage army medical supply suitcase from the 1950s, found antiquing in Michigan, filled with blankets, pillows, my cat's toys, and all my records.

This color is exactly the same as the color of my Dad's old cello case. Perhaps that explains my obsession.

Happy Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

Is that a candle fire place? Love that.

Fleur de Lyss

Anonymous said...

LOVE! You have a wonderful eye for these things, especially the military case. And the grey is perfect.