Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cardigan: Forever 21
Shirt: J Crew
Tie: Topshop (men's)
Pants: J Brand
Shoes: Seychelles 

A pairing of the most skin-tight pants and the chunkiest sweater.

I actually reached for these pants on a morning I was late, assuming they were my black go-to's (these Banana Republic skinnies) - I was horrified to discover about a half hour later that they were in fact, my rarely worn SUPER RESTRICTIVE J Brand skinnies. 

I spent the entire day not sitting down, not bending over, and not walking very quickly. 
Still, at least they look good.

I bought this tie for myself on my birthday last year. Hard to believe it hasn't been on the blog yet. 

This outfit felt like coming off of a round of 18 holes and walking into the clubhouse for a scotch. 

SIDENOTE: I spent all day yesterday shooting photos all over Chicago with my incredibly talented (unfairly handsome) friend Allen and I can't wait to have the photos posted on here.

Imagine the photos I take, but 200% better, and in actual daylight. 

Stay tuned!

Shirt: here
Shoes: here, here, here 

My third Bloggiversary was last hard to believe. 
I'll be doing a year three retrospective soon.

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