Never More Myself

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jacket: Urban Outfitters, available here
Shirt: Urban Outfitters, available here 
Jeans: Banana Republic
Ring: gift, Francesca's (or Cartier if you're Jay-Z), thanks Emma
Socks: Anthropologie
Necklace: gift, Love Lill (thanks Kristin)
Shoes: CoachBelt: thrifted
Lipstick: Wet n Wild "Purty Persimmon"

This is a big statement,
but clothes have never made me feel more like myself than this jacket.

I bought it in San Francisco last week.
It's a perfect color,
it's very slouchy
(and also too big),
and I feel both femme-y and boy-y in it.

Add this jacket to my $7.00 weird slouchy jeans, and my weird slouchy moccasins, and I'm home.

It's funny - I keep thinking about when I was a kid, when I suddenly had hips and boobs (and was WAY too young to know what to do with either), and all I could do about it was wear jerseys and boy's jeans, or the unfortunate girl's jeans that said "HUSKY" in the back tag. The other girls wore skinny capris and leggings and skirts  and spaghetti straps - things I couldn't even fathom at the time. Even though that was one of the more uncomfortable periods of my life, something about the sudden and terrible appearance of my body showed me to my mind/spirit.

I may be generally unathletic, and I may have a lot of girly tendencies, but I never feel more like myself than when I'm wearing boyish clothes and not caring what anybody thinks.

I obviously didn't wear this today, since it was NEGATIVE ELEVEN DEGREES, but I wore it in California and you can look for me wearing it all through April. 

How much of your style stems from your awkward years?

It's probably a solid 60% for me...

Unexpected Dress-up

Friday, January 18, 2013

Vest: Anthropologie - available here and on sale!
Necklace: gift, Love Lill (thanks Kristin
)Dress: Forever 21
Tights: HUE
Shirt: J Crew
Boots: thrifted
Lipstick: Wet n Wild "Purty Persimmon"

I attempted to get over my immense fear of online shopping over the holidays and it was...not good. I ordered some pants from J Crew (pants??? why don't I just jump off a cliff into some sharks...) and they were disastrous, so I exchanged them and ended up with a button down I was sure I'd wear with jeans every day.

Little did I know I'd suddenly need to wear it with a lacey dress. 



I haven't worn the lace dress version yet, but I plan on doing it tomorrow during our 46 degree heat wave.  (The pants version, which I wore yesterday doing errands, includes a cardigan from Banana Republic that my Mom just sent me, old $10 Banana Republic jeans, and my black chucks)

Flat pattern + textured pattern = thumbs up.

This necklace is another gem from my friend Kristin's shop Love, Lill. I typically gravitate toward chunky necklaces but I've been wearing this one non-stop since New Year's Eve. Maybe the pendulum is swinging back to unfussy basics for me. I guess it swings that way every spring. 

And I think we can all agree that January is the worst.
(February is not the worst, and if you think that you're mistaken)
Happy Friday!!

Winter blogging

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweater: borrowed/thrifted (thanks Emma)
Blouse: Therapy
Necklace: Anthropologie
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Clark's

Quick outfit. Wore this about a week ago, just before heading off to San Francisco for a week! Cropped sweaters with long blouses might be my new favorite combination.