A Room of One's Own Pt. II - Walls

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Welcome to Part II! 

This post is about what I put on my walls, and how I keep them interesting. The one drawback of moving into this apartment was that we weren't allowed to paint it - which sucked because white walls have always driven me nuts. Policy has changed and we're now allowed to paint, but until I find the right colors, the interest on the walls has to be created with whatever I have around.

All these postcards/pictures/photos have strong memories. I have cards from my sisters and parents, some as old as from 1997. I have photos taken by my awesome older sister (check out her stuff here, she's amazing). I have postcards from my friends from all over the world. I have vintage cards and pictures found in thrift stores all over the country. It's a jumble and there's no rhyme or reason to what gets up here - it's a mix of pretty things that I love, or things that remind me of those I love.

Thrifted candle sconces, framed Paris photo from Urban Outfitters, gold frame from my sister Michelle with a photo of my roommates and I from my 23rd birthday, a spiky plastic...thing...made at my store last year, a thrifted painting.

I have a wall of records behind my bed, that act as an extended headboard. All of them were thrifted, in various cities - Ann Arbor, Chicago, New York, Seattle. 

Huge flowers made of paper mache, wire, and paint. I am not artistically gifted at ALL - these were made by our display coordinator and we all got to take them home when we were done using them. They're in my living room above my black couch. 


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