The Urbaness

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Photo credit: Jazmin Corona for the Urbaness

How many other ladies living in Chicago (or any city, for that matter) occasionally find themselves eating food from the same two restaurants, skipping things out of laziness, barely sneaking in time for friends, and only seeing the outside world through the windows of the El on the commute between work and home?


It's called The Urbaness and it launched this week!  

Here's a description of who they are, from their facebook page:

"The Urbaness is Chicago's premier city guide & lifestyle website, coming 9. 24. 12. Inspiring adventure. Inciting curiosity. Emboldening the city girl to seek the world outside her door. The Urbaness is powered by the creative minds at Urbaness Media, LLC. Call it a city guide or call it a love letter, The Urbaness celebrates—in photos, in-depth interviews, and advice from area experts—the spirit and community that set the Windy City high above the rest. Look to us to incite a spur-of-the-moment urban adventure, to fall in love with a tucked away boutique, or to find calm and balance while living your life in one of our nation’s busiest cities."

The long and short: they know that any woman living in Chicago should NEVER be bored (unless she so chooses), and the Urbaness is here to help us always have exploring and adventuring inspiration!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with these ladies to take some photos.

If you've ever wondered what I'd wear on a day out in the city,

or on a date with a handsome gentleman, 

or on an evening out with my friends,

you can check back there next week for my style feature!

In the mean time, I'm off to celebrate! 
I'm turning 25 this weekend. 
1/4 of a century. 


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is so exciting!! Congratulations, I love the photo and can't wait to see the others! It makes me want to come visit you in your lovely city... :)

South Looper said...

just moved to chicago! lovely to find your blog :)

Marie said...

madeleine, LOOK INTO IT!

and thanks south looper! welcome to the city!