Le Bar, Le Blouse

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blouse: Anthropologie
Necklace: Banana Republic
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: J Crew
Shoes: BCBG via DSW
Nailpolish: Wet n Wild "Everybody Loves Redmond"

Wore this earlier this week to Le Bar.

This top is the kind of score you can only make working behind enemy lines: a perfect Leifsdottir silk blouse, in a perfect shade of maroon, for a perfect $9.95. Ancient returns are one of the best perks of working retail, lemme tell ya.

[please forgive my vacant expression in this photo]

Blouse-y all over, yet not overwhelming.

Skirt: here, here, here
Necklace: here, here
Shoes: here, here

Enjoy your Sunday, have a bloody for me.

Space Cowboy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blazer: Urban Outfitters
Dress: H&M
Boots: Frye, via Anthropologie
Ring: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Nailpolish: Essie, "Mint Candy Apple"

Do you guys ever feel the intrinsic impulse to move in a logical, correct direction is broken?

I'm bored of playing by the rules.

Haven't worn this yet, but it'll be out to play this weekend. (Once I'm over the debilitating cold I have.)

I've been trying to come up with a way to wear this blazer since the holidays, and this is the only way I like it so far. Up against something as textured and comfortable, and almost as loud.

The boots may be the most uncomfortable shoes ever. But they're so adorable and I want them to work. The pain is worth it.

Blazer: here
Dress: I can't believe it, but this dress has never been on So What If I Like Pretty Things...it's only been noted as an MVP here! Bizzare. I wear this thing at least once a week, going on...three years?

Is there anything you always reach for when you're in a Wild Child moment?
My three: whiskey, boots, and eyeliner.
Tell me tell me on twitter.

Cuddles, and clothes that are too big

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sweater: Anthropologie
Shirt: gift, Banana Republic (thanks Mom)
Necklace: Francesca's
Sunglasses: Anthropologie
Nailpolish: Essie "Mint Candy Apple"
Skirt: Anthropologie
Sandals: J Crew
Belt: Anthropologie
Jacket: Bagatelle

We're back to winter in my fair city...time to retract back into my winter skin.

I'm aware that I am wearing a sweater 3 sizes to big, and a maxi skirt that makes me look...uncomfortably max-y. But when it gets offensively chilly and I get the urge to snuggle up, this is what happens.

3 kinds of uber-textured ivory.

Necklace: here, here
Jacket: here, here
Shirt: here

Stay bundly, homies!


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweater: Banana Republic
Shirt: Madewell
Sunglasses: thrifted
Lipstick: Wet n Wild "Coraline"
Pants: Banana Republic
Purse: Anthropologie
Bracelets: thrifted, Kokorokoko, Orchid Lane, H&M
Shoes: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Nailpolish: Wet n Wild "Everybody Loves Redmond"

Work + drinks, from sometime last week.

If anybody has a suggestion for a replacement for these pants I will TAKE it - I've had them for years and they're almost worn through, but I can't find any other skinny black pants that work. The BR Sloan Crop used to be great, now it doesn't fit. The J Crew Minnie was my next hope, and they were awwwwwful. Haylp.

Not much to say about this one. Simple things all whipped up into a classic ensemble.

Pants: here, here, here
Sweater: here
Shirt: here
Shoes: here, here

Denim and Lace

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Jacket: Anthropologie
Shirt: Madewell, available here
Shorts: Anthropologie
Tights: HUE
Sunglasses: Anthropologie
Shoes: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Earrings: gift, vintage (thanks Gram)

It seems impossible that this is the first appearance of my new chambray, but here she is, in all her majesty and wonder. Can't even admit to how many times she's been worn in the past couple of weeks!

Took these around sunset after a 12 hour day of work and fun. Tuesdays really take it outta me.

I'm trying to squeeze in as many wears of these shorts as I can while it's still chilly enough for tights. And I figured it made sense to balance out something so short/froofy/femme-y with something simple and classic - enter miss chambray.

I've been feeling more neutral than normal, which has created the perfect opportunity to layer in textures. Denim, lace, calfskin, wool. Seems like a lot, but still comes off looking like a little.

I tossed in a couple more classics: the messy bun, some grandmda earrings, and my cheetah shoes.

Jacket: here, here
Earrings: here, here
Shorts: here
Shoes: here, here


All Kinds of Weather

Monday, April 02, 2012

Dress (also worn as a shirt): Anthropologie, similar here
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Tights: HUE
Flats: Alfani, Macy's
Flatforms: Banana Republic
Nailpolish: Wet n Wild "Everybody Loves Redmond", Essie "Chinchilly"
Toe nailpolish: Essie "Borrowed & Blue", Sally Hansen "Brisk Blue"

Don't you love those days that start around 70 degrees, and finish near 45?
Yeah me either.
Schizo weather, schizo dressing!

The day began with bare legs and flatforms (that I found on ridiculous sale at BR for $5.97...WHAT). I just got this dress and I'm fixated on the weird wallpaper floral paired with a neutral with so much depth. Slate grey really does work with everything.

Getting away with this outfit in March in Chicago seemed too good to be true...
...and as it turns out, it was.

Cut to the remix a few hours later. I didn't want to take off the dress so I tucked it into my MVP a-line cotton skirt and called it done. I wish I had some perfect white flats to wear with this one...

I had a perfect weekend and I hope you did too.
May Monday be kind to us all.