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Monday, February 20, 2012


(y u so moody, drake? i like it.)

Metals - Feist
(i've rescinded my former opinion that feist is for people who like to pretend they have taste)

Rain Dogs - Tom Waits
(so in love so in love so in love)

(still not done being addicted after a whole year)

 (a reincarnated love from high school, she's a goddess)


"Millionaire" - Kelis & Andre 3000
(kelis = crunk. and andre 3000 is one half of my perfect man. the other half is gene kelly.)

"Keep You" - Class Actress
(try singing the chorus - hilarity)

"Feel Me Flow" - Naughty By Nature
 (can this always be the background music of my life, please?!)

"Video Games" Lana del Rey
(love her, don't care)

"100 Yard Dash" - Raphael Saadiq
 ("i heard that you could make a man change his plans, that's why i'm runnin fast, runnin that 100 yard dash"... too good)

Guys. I'm going to Hawaii in five days.
I've never been so excited for anything in my life!

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