Making my maxi work for fall - NovaBlitz Post #1

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dress: Anthropologie
Top: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Anthropologie
Hat: H&M
Rings: gifts, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Boots: thrifted

This is the first post of what I'll call...NovemberBlitz. Hm, too long. NoveBlitz. Nov...aBlitz. Yes, NovaBlitz. That is good.

As much as I love this here blog, it requires a huge amount of time and energy and I don't always have time to post regularly. I'm seeing if I can pull it out this week - a post a day. Wish me luck, I'm already exhausted.

Anyway, to the outfit!

My relationship with this dress is chronicled back on this post - long story short, several weeks of indecision gave way to a very happy friendship when I finally gave in and bought it. I've been struggling to find a way to make it work in the colder weather, but I think I've found it!

I wore this to a homemade dinner date with a darling man on Sunday. It was stupid windy, but also strangely warm, so I took advantage of the opportunity to leave my trusty leather jacket at home and layered an enormous scarf over some flannel to keep cozy.

[Gahahaha. Look at my dumb face.]

Finding shoes that work has been the hardest part - flats look dumb, heels look dumb...basically anything but a strappy/gladiator sandal looked dumb. But then I remembered a valuable lesson I learned long, long ago as a kid growing up in Texas: COWBOY BOOTS GO WITH EVERYTHING. Problem solved!

The whole thing was swishy and silly and perfect.
Shirt last seen: here
Boots last seen: here
Scarf last seen: here

Wish me luck this week!
Look for NovaBlitz Post #2 tomorrow, shoes!

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