Bag Check - NovaBlitz post #4

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clockwise, from bottom left

Bobby pins, in case of emergency

blue clip-ons, 23rd birthday present from Heather

orange flower clip-ons, 23rd birthday present from Kim

ipod shuffle, in orange (his name is Ginger)

piles and piles of Halloween candy (seriously, I'm not even including it all in this photo. ISSUES)

tiny collapsible umbrella, present from my Dad last time he went to Japan

various makeup: colorLab "Rogue Wave", Clinique "Spiced Apple", Burt's Bee's chapstick, Carmex cherry chapstick, MAC mascara

fake tattoos (a rose, a set of dice that say "Love is a Gamble", a huge sea creature overtaking a ship)

headband, in case things get crazy up there, borrowed from Emma

wallet, Banana Republic

work keys

current reading: The Beautiful and Damned, bought at a used book store in St. Mark's last time I was in NYC

purse, Anthropologie

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