Takes a Morning Off

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shirt: Urban Outfitters (available here)
Sweater: Banana Republic
Necklace: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Skirt: Forever 21
Leggings: Anthropologie (available here)
Trench: Ann Taylor
Boots: Frye (available here)
Bag: gift, Kate Spade (thanks Mai)
Gloves: gift, J Crew (thanks Danielle) (available here)

Guys, I had a 6 whole unscheduled hours on Tuesday! Which meant I spent an extremely glamorous morning grocery shopping, buying postcards, and cleaning my apartment. Can you even believe the glitz of my life?

This is what I wore.


Now that Thanksgiving has passed, I've begun the surgery of lowering myself into the miserable state of acceptance that is the yearly trudge through...god I don't even want to type it...winter. I was absolutely FREEZING while taking these pictures - hence why I didn't spend any extra time worrying about things like, oh I don't know, camera focus. Apologies! My hands were so cold.

All of the pieces I'm wearing in this outfit have been very well loved. Check the slightly broken chain on the necklace or the crazy pilling on the sweater for proof.

This gem of a hat has spent the last 5 years keeping my ears warm, I can't imagine winter without it. And I think I can safely say Tuesday was the last day I'll get away with wearing a trench - it's just too cold now. Sigh.

For the record, I really dislike leggings. They kinda make people lazy and zap sartorial creativity. Mostly I dislike them because like 70% of the population refuses to accept the truth that THEY ARE NOT, IN FACT, PANTS. They are not meant to replace pants - aka, you cannot wear them without also covering your ass. Don't even get me started on this rant. (Also, if you're ever in a pickle and need to make sure you're actually wearing pants, never fear, Buzzfeed has a handy flow chart for you.)

All that said, these are the best leggings on earth. They are fleecelined and thus magically cozy. But bet your bottom dollar, I will NEVER wear them without a skirt/dress/tunic.

Shirt last seen: here, here, here, and here (can you tell I love it?)
Sweater last seen: here
Necklace last seen: here
Boots last seen: here and here

I've never worn this top buttoned all the way up before - it's really constricting this way, but I don't care. It's so dapper and fun.

Man it was windy!

PS. Breaking from blogging last week got me thinking, and thinking got me needing to vent about some stuff. Expect a very wordy post about the not-so-glittery truths of So What If I Like Pretty Things, blogging and the like in the near future.

Mayflower Girl

Monday, November 28, 2011

Shirt: H&M
Dress: Forever 21
Belt: vintage
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: thrifted, gift (thanks Emma)
Boots: Frye
Head-scarf-y band: Forever 21

Wore this to work a couple days before Thanksgiving. Apparently I was channeling a pilgrim.

I'm so excited to have found a long dress that I can wear through the winter. This is the trouble with maxis: if you wear em when it's snowy and wet, they'll inevitably ruin. But this one is short enough that when worn with boots it's at least a foot off the ground. Which should keep it safe...assuming, of course, that we don't have a repeat of last year's Snowpocalypse. Lord, remember that?

I've never been a big polkadot girl, but this dress might change that. Not too cute-sy!

And since I can never wear just one pattern at a time (and also since I sometimes don't have time to make my hair look nice), a head-scarfy band to save the day! This guy is absolutely going on my next MVP list. Recently seen here, here, and here.

I hope you had a perfect Thanksgiving. I know I did. Taking a week away from this here blog was a good decision. Every once in a while inspiration runs dry, and I'm not gonna fake it.

Peace and love!

Gloria Patch Dress-Up - NovaBlitz Post #5

Friday, November 18, 2011

Hairpiece: Forever 21
Earrings: thrifted, Seek
Fur shrug: gift (thanks Mom)
Cardigan: J Crew
Blouse: Forever 21
Belt: Banana Republic, gift (thanks Mom)
Skirt: thrifted, gift (thanks Mai)
Tights: Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Nine West

Today's outfit is inspired entirely by the book I'm reading right now! If you saw yesterday's post, you caught which one it is: The Beautiful and Damned, by good 'ol FScott. (Must say, if twitter were around when he was, FScott (Or FScottFitz, for that matter) would be such a baller account name. Oh by the way I'm on twitter. @SWIILPTblog) The Beautiful and Damned takes place is the magical New York 1920s. This book is gorgeous and massively depressing. In the beginning, though, it's light on the angst and heavy on the irony; we're invited to imagine everything is as peachy as the characters think it is. The primary players are Anthony Patch and his wife Gloria - this outfit is an ode to Gloria.

Have I actually worn this outfit? Absolutely not. But am I now waiting with bated breath for the perfect moment to wear it? You bet.

I know, I know, there are four million things going on. Who's surprised, though.

By the way guys, what are your feelings on open-toed shoes with tights? I never knew it was a thing until I was out with a friend recently and she could not stop pointing out how silly I looked with open toed heels and black tights. I mean, why not? I think a peek of covered toe is goofy and fun. She said it made me look like a child playing dress up...which, hm. Maybe I am to some degree. Is it dumb though? Or is it awesome? Honesty = welcome.

The extra layer on the neckline of this blouse is what convinced me to buy it long, long ago - I still get excited about wearing it. The silk ruffle plus the gold pattern on the cardigan plus the fake fur shrug...adds up, I know. But, more is more in this case.

Headpiece, last seen: here
Blouse, and skirt, last seen: here (collab with My Closet in Sketches)
Shoes, last seen: here

A toast to dressing up - to Gloria, her Anthony, and their glorious twenties.
And to surviving NovaBlitz! I did it! Thanks for reading along, dudes! You da best!

Bag Check - NovaBlitz post #4

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clockwise, from bottom left

Bobby pins, in case of emergency

blue clip-ons, 23rd birthday present from Heather

orange flower clip-ons, 23rd birthday present from Kim

ipod shuffle, in orange (his name is Ginger)

piles and piles of Halloween candy (seriously, I'm not even including it all in this photo. ISSUES)

tiny collapsible umbrella, present from my Dad last time he went to Japan

various makeup: colorLab "Rogue Wave", Clinique "Spiced Apple", Burt's Bee's chapstick, Carmex cherry chapstick, MAC mascara

fake tattoos (a rose, a set of dice that say "Love is a Gamble", a huge sea creature overtaking a ship)

headband, in case things get crazy up there, borrowed from Emma

wallet, Banana Republic

work keys

current reading: The Beautiful and Damned, bought at a used book store in St. Mark's last time I was in NYC

purse, Anthropologie

Grey/Blue - NovaBlitz Post #3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hat: Banana Republic
Dress: gift, TJ Maxx (thanks Mom)
Jacket: Anthropologie
Bangles: thrifted, Forever 21, Kokorokoko
Watch: Fossil
Belt: vintage
Tights: HUE
Boots: thrifted

Wore this last weekend, and the weekend before that, and probably the weekend before that...this may be as close to a fall uniform that I get! It's the easiest, no-brain ensemble that I can think of.

You know that outfit you throw on when you're late? When you just need to jump into something functional and uncomplicated? That isn't your pajamas? That's what this one is for me. I wear it so often and it feels so everyday to me that I almost didn't post it. But then I figured, the easy ones are just as important as the fun ones. (and boy do I have a fun one lined up for Friday...!)

This is also one of the most inexpensive;y bought ensembles I own.
hat: $19.99
dress: $9.99 (was a gift, but let's pretend it wasn't!)
belt: $6.00
bangles: $3.00, $4.00, $3.00
tights: $6.00
watch: found!
boots: $5.00
+                     jacket: $10.00                      
$102.96, in total, for 10 pieces. Comes out to $10.20 a piece.

I wear a million variations of this. Sometimes a different dress, sometimes colored tights, sometimes a military jacket or blazer or grandma sweater. But the formula is the same: boots, tights, dress, top piece.

Man, this NovaBlitz is exhausting! But thanks for coming along for the ride with me, guys!

The Frosting - NovaBlitz Post #2

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[from Heather, Kim, my Gram, and Bizzy] [all thrifted and/or vintage]

[thrifted, frye, thrifted, ann taylor]

[seek, francesca's, forever 21, j crew, thrifted: from emma, j crew, forever 21]

[lela rose for payless, payless, thrifted, aldo, payless, banana republic, calvin klein, ann taylor, h&m, sam & libby, tahari, thrifted, sears, bcbg, nine west, bandolino, franco sarto, alfani]

[thrifted, frye, thrifted, ann taylor]

[vintage, forever 21, francesca's, j crew, thrifted, forever 21, vintage, j crew]

[kelly + katie, steve madden, sperrys, anthropologie, nine west, cole hahn, puma, sam edelman, kenneth cole, sychelles, banana republic, kelly + katie, sam + libby, ralph lauren, minnetonka, thrifted, alfani, birkenstocks]

[hue, american apparel, hue, hue, gap]

[calvin klein, ann taylor, h&m, sam & libby, tahari, thrifted, sears, bcbg, nine west, bandolino]

Making my maxi work for fall - NovaBlitz Post #1

Monday, November 14, 2011

Dress: Anthropologie
Top: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: Anthropologie
Hat: H&M
Rings: gifts, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Boots: thrifted

This is the first post of what I'll call...NovemberBlitz. Hm, too long. NoveBlitz. Nov...aBlitz. Yes, NovaBlitz. That is good.

As much as I love this here blog, it requires a huge amount of time and energy and I don't always have time to post regularly. I'm seeing if I can pull it out this week - a post a day. Wish me luck, I'm already exhausted.

Anyway, to the outfit!

My relationship with this dress is chronicled back on this post - long story short, several weeks of indecision gave way to a very happy friendship when I finally gave in and bought it. I've been struggling to find a way to make it work in the colder weather, but I think I've found it!

I wore this to a homemade dinner date with a darling man on Sunday. It was stupid windy, but also strangely warm, so I took advantage of the opportunity to leave my trusty leather jacket at home and layered an enormous scarf over some flannel to keep cozy.

[Gahahaha. Look at my dumb face.]

Finding shoes that work has been the hardest part - flats look dumb, heels look dumb...basically anything but a strappy/gladiator sandal looked dumb. But then I remembered a valuable lesson I learned long, long ago as a kid growing up in Texas: COWBOY BOOTS GO WITH EVERYTHING. Problem solved!

The whole thing was swishy and silly and perfect.
Shirt last seen: here
Boots last seen: here
Scarf last seen: here

Wish me luck this week!
Look for NovaBlitz Post #2 tomorrow, starring...my shoes!

Different Versions of the Same Thing

Friday, November 11, 2011

Necklaces: J Crew
Blouse: Forever 21
Earrings: gift, thrifted (thanks Emma)
Shorts: Anthropologie
Tights: Anthropologie
Shoes: Payless
Lipstick: Wet n Wild, "Coraline"

Bought these shorts earlier this week.
So much for my No-Shop-November dreams.
But I got these for 20 bucks and I've wanted them foreverrrrrrasdfhjklsfhjklsadf.

Love em so much that I've worn em twice this week. This is version #1, and I know the fact that it's 40 degrees out makes it ridiculous. Nevermind the weather. The rain and sleet (and snow, starting today!!) will not stop me! I'll keep wearing impractical silk shorts and tights until frostbite overtakes me.

I just discovered that I needn't stow my coral lipstick until next summer. There's something perfect about neon lips with a neutral outfit in the freezing cold. In fact, I'm now in the market for a perfect tube of full-on orange. Suggestions welcomed!

Shirt last seen: here
Necklaces last seen: here and here
Earrings/bracelet last seen: forever ago, here

And now,
for Version #2!

Top: Gap
Blazer: gift, Anthropologie (thanks Mom)
Earrings: vintage, gift (thanks Gram)
Bracelet: vintage, gift (thanks Gram)
Bag: gift, Kate Spade (thanks Mai - AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY)
Shorts: Anthropologie
Tights: Anthropologie
Shoes: Payless
Lipstick: Wet n Wild, "Coraline"

I wore this to work, the day after acquiring the shorts. Immediate wear-age of a new item is a signal that it was a good purchase, right? I've always thought so...

Hilariously, this blazer was the first item I ever owned from good ol' Anrtho. My Mom got it for me when I was 15, back when I barely even knew what Anthropologie was. Annnnnd now I work there and it rules my life. Sigh.

Anyway, this jacket was clearly designed for warmer, pre-Labor Day days, but eh. Who says you can wear white linen when it's chilly?!

Blazer last seen: holy shit so long ago, here
Tights last seen: here
Shoes last seen: here

Cheers to the remix.

Rolling Outta Bed + Letting Accessories Do The Talking

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Vest: Gap
Scarf: Anthropologie
Ring: Target
Necklace: Forever 21
Sweater: Anthropologie
Headscarf-y thing: Forever 21
Shirt: Gap
Pants: Banana Republic
Purse: Anthropologie
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction, DSW
Nailpolish: Wet N Wild "Gray's Anatomy"

Fall in full swing. Stupid daylight savings. It's hard to get out of bed.
So I put a cozy sweater over an oversized oxford and called it a day.

I wore this to work, and then running errands. Even though the day got rained out, the outfit still did an alright job keeping me warm.

I love a huge undone sleeve peeking out from underneath a sweater. I could have cuffed these up, but I like how undone they look when left alone.

Got these flats ages ago and am still in the process of breaking them in...now I'm forcing myself to wear them even though they hurt, because they're too cute to just sit in my closet. (And I have certain friends who are threatening a shoe intervention if I don't start wearing ones without holes in them...)

The accessories are center stage in this outfit.

The combination of this necklace and this scarf is so good - I keep repeating it. Last seen here, in one of my favorite outfits of the year, back when the weather was beautiful and all was right in the world.

Giant ridiculous Target ring. And yes, that is a homemade, hastily and crappily done french manicure with silver shiny polish. Forgive how bad it is, it was attempt #1 at a trick I aspire to be really good at one day!

I'm off to play violin all day long.