The maxi joke was on me

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Shirt: Forever 21
Dress (worn as skirt): TJ Maxx
Belt: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Ring: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Earrings: Claire's (clip-ons from 11th grade!)

Quick outfit post - I'm hoping to get a lot of boring but essential stuff dealt with today so I need to be out of my apartment, well, about an hour ago.

I wore this to work a couple of days ago (plus a leather jacket + top knot, you know how we do)

Found this maxi dress at a TJMaxx in Michigan with my Mom 4 years ago. I remember seeing a sale rack of maxis and thinking, "Oh, how hilarious, look at these silly long skirts people keep insisting are cool that are horribly ugly. I'll try one on for fun and we'll have a giggle. Look, it only costs $4! HIL-AAA-RIOUS!"

Uh yeah. 20 minutes later I bought it.


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