24 Times A Lady

Sunday, October 02, 2011

Dress: H&M
Earrings: vintage (thanks Gram)
Nailpolish: Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips, "Frock Star"
Belt: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Sam & Libby, DSW
Purse: gift, Kate Spade (thanks Mai!)
Jacket: Bagatelle
Eyeliner: LINER, Topshop, "Ink"
Lipstick: Clinique Different Lipstick, "Spiced Apple"

I will NEVER understand people who hate holidays, I will especially never understand people who hate birthdays.

Here are the excuses for hating birthdays I hear most often:

1 - I'm getting old, life is passing me by, my birthday is a reminder
2 - The expectations are so high
3 - Too much attention is on me and I didn't do anything to deserve it

And here is why they are all DUMB:

1 - Birthdays are not meant to be reminders of mortality - they're an excuse for you to throw a party and do whatever you want all day to distract yourself from impending old age. Celebrate where you are right now.

2 - You create your own expectations. If your wish is to sit on your couch watching romcoms and eating fried food with your best friend (hello, birthday 17), that is perfect. If you wish to drink a hundred mixed drinks out of fishbowls, then finish your homework while drunk that night (hello birthday 21), that is perfect. If you wish to throw a ridiculous hotel party and force your friends to dress all in black/white/costume jewelry, then go swimming and have an enormous pajama dance party (cough cough birthday 22), that is perfect. If your wish is to sit in solitude to reflect on how lucky you are, that is perfect (haven't had this one yet, ha).

3 - It's your birthday damnit, let people be nice to you!

Okay. Rant over. This is what I wore for my 24th birthday party :) I didn't mean to dress up like a stupid girly princess, but hey. So What If I Like Pretty Things, right?!

When I left my house, all of the gems on the toes were there. The fact that a bunch are missing is simply the sign of a good party, right?

The closeup lets you see how terribly I applied these fabulous nails, but human error aside, they're bomb. I want them in every single color.

Finding a dress came down to the wire, but this little H&M number stole my heart. I told myself that if I bought a girly dress I'd be sure to tough it up. When I bought the dress I was envisioning black back-seamed tights, leather shoes, stick-straight hair, heavy makeup and jewelry...and somehow, I ended up looking like a Disney Princess. (Seriously, several people at the bar told me I looked like Cinderella.)

So, I have this friend. Her name is Mai, and she is dear and wonderful, and totally insane. And sometime she does crazy things, like BUY YOU A GORGEOUS KATE SPADE BAG FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY. So when that happens, you call her and sputter incoherently for like 10 minutes. And then you hang up, and surprise, it's not a dream, it's still sitting on your bed. And all you can do is sort of stare at it in disbelief. And then you put it on, and realize you'll probably never take it off again.

In closing, I had a perfect birthday. So full of gratitude for everybody and everything. For my family, for my friends, for my stupidly charmed life.

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