Summer silk

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blouse: H&M
Shorts: Anthropologie
Necklace: Ann Taylor, gift (thanks Mom)
Shoes: thrifted
Bracelets: Orchid Lane, Forever 21, thrifted, vintage (thanks Gram)
Nail polish: Essie "Borrowed & Blue", Essie "Licorice"

I had a few of the photos that Mai took on her visit left! Here they are!

Honestly it's been so long that I don't remember where I wore this anymore.
(Blogger fail.)
But I DO know its a very comfortable ensemble that looks deceptively dressy.
So I probably wore it to work. Ha.

I seem to be wearing a lot of olive lately, huh? Here, here, here, here...

A large stack of various gold and silver bangles. I know there's rules against mixing the two metals, but WHY NOT?? Break with convention with me, world! Let's get CRAZY!

This shirt is an MVP, for sure.
(Look for an MVP post soon!)

Couldn't resist.

Turquoise, a maxi, and Greece

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dress: Gap
Belt: Anthropologie
Necklace: Forever 21
Earrings: Claire's
Shoes: Banana Republic
Bracelets: stolen from sisters, street market in St. Thomas, Orchid Lane
Toe nailpolish: Chinaglaze, "Frostbite"
Scent: Royal Apothic, "Macaroon"

If you've ever read my blog, you'll know I have a weakness for buying things that don't fit. The most recent evidence: this dress.

I hope you can't tell it's so enormous. But I couldn't help myself, it was love at first sight. The color, the fabric, the pleats, the shape, the PRICE ($20?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??)...I had to have it. I'm going to have the sides darted so it stays up better, but I couldn't wait to get it up on the blog. So here is the outfit I can't wait to wear for August outdoor cocktails.

Neutrals + turquoise = perhaps the easiest, most obvious accessorizing combination ever. Anyone who's ever seen a photo of Santorini gets it.

(Here's one if you've somehow managed to never see a photo of Santorini. I have a collection of photos that my sister took here that I treasure like woah. Go here to see some of them. And yes, that's a younger me in the first picture!)

I haven't had straight hair in what feels like weeks - it is TOO. DAMN. HOT. This pile-of-messy-curls-on-my-head thing is my current version of the trusty top-knot.

Also, dear readers, I'm trying to work up the bravery to get my hair cut - I know this sounds really dumb but I've never had it done by a professional before, and I'm super scared. Any of you have hair like mine, or a recommendation of what to do/what not to do if you have hair like mine??

Ever wonder why I pretty much always have electric blue toe nails? Will be doing a post with the inspiration for it very soon...!

Close up of the colors. These bracelets are so well loved, they're all coming apart.

Happy Friday! And stay hydrated guys. It's so hot.

Penguin Prison @ the Mid

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chris Glover, aka Penguin Prison

Shirt: Anthropologie
Necklace: Forever 21
Skirt: Banana Republic
Shoes: BCBG Max Azria
Purse: Forever 21
Earrings: bought on the street in New York

Summer Music Festival Season (from here onward referred to as SMFS) is in high bloom in Chicago. I was able to catch Pitchfork on Saturday, which was a blast. I heard a rumor that the Dismemberment Plan played Robyn's "Dancehall Queen" and I am SO BEYOND UPSET that I somehow missed it...

SMFS is great, but I always find the small shows and after parties to be way more enjoyable than massive, crowded outdoor insanity. (The exception being Lollapalooza 2008 - maybe the most fun weekend of my life. But I digress.) I've always preferred smaller, more intimate settings to hear bands I love, not to mention the frustration that comes with knowing you can't possibly see everyone you want to . Nothing bums me out more than when two bands I love are on opposite stages at the same time.

I was lucky enough to be invited to see Penguin Prison by Clark of the bomb music blog MP3 Medication, and let me tell you. He, Penguin Prison, has PRESENCE. We were front row, and he had us dancing like fools until 3:00 AM. For more, check out Clark's sick interview with Penguin Prison here.

As for what I wore, it needed to be lightweight and easy to dance in - it was around 90 degrees outside the club, let alone on the inside. Once again, I busted out my MVP cotton Banana Republic skirt. These little heels are my go-to's for shows: they add a little height, and are small enough that I can dance myself into exhaustion while wearing them with no trouble.

Got this shirt at Anthro last week, have already worn it thrice!

If my borderline obsession with Penguin Prison hasn't convinced you yet, watch this video. The song, "Fair Warning" is one of his more lyrical, techo-poppy offerings. I'm obsessed, and the COLORS in this video AHHHHH I am entranced.

You will not regret it!

A weekend in the city

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dress: vintage, Laura Ashley
Belt: Banana Republic
Earrings: Orchid Lane
Rings: found, Treasure Mart, American Eagle
Bracelets: H&M
Shoes: Gap
Toe nailpolish: Forever 21

My best friend of many many years, Mai, came to visit in Chicago this weekend. We thought a morning photoshoot on my roof would be the perfect way to begin Sunday. Because we're crazy like that.

She dug this Laura Ashley gem out of her Mom's closet, and made it her own by adding a woven belt and turquoise jewelry.

The back of this dress is so pretty - the perfect way to show off a couple of her tattoos. I love fake tattoos because I can change them up with no commitments, while Mai has 14 real ones...she's way more brave than I am.

She may hem the bottom of the dress up, but it remains to be seen. I think the current tea-length trend can be hard to pull off, but the slimness of the top of this dress makes it work.

And here,
for the first time ever,
courtesy of my very patient bestie,

Blouse: Target
Tank: Gap
Shorts: Anthropologie
Shoes: Ann Taylor, gift (thanks Mom)
Necklace: Banana Republic
Bag: thrifted
Sunglasses: Anthropologie
Nailpolish: Essie, "Licorice" and "Borrowed & Blue"

I'm sort of irrationally excited to present photos that were taken outside, and by someone other than myself. It felt great to be able to move around, and not have to worry about standing perfectly still to get the shot. Mai and I had a blast.

I wore this to work and to the bar last week. I wore white flats all day long, and switched into the leopard heels for an evening drink.

I didn't realize it before I wore it to work, but this shirt is toooootally falling apart! It has hanging strings and rips all along the arms, but I'll wear it until it's in pieces. It was last shown on the blog here in February, and here on my 23rd birthday.

I've had nail polish ADD for the past few weeks - I can never decide on a single color. I've been wearing at least two on each hand, at all times.

Fabulous, go-anywhere shoes from my mama!

I guess this outfit is geared toward autumn (given that it features calfskin, olive, and lace), but it felt so much more interesting than just wearing a classic tank and shorts like I have been lately. Summer dressing can become a one-note operation because of the weather - I try to fight it with the lightest layering I can come up with.

These shorts are still awesome, no matter what all common sense tells me. I didn't realize how absurdly long they make my crotch look until I looked at these pictures. And they also do a really good job of making me look 3 inches wider and 10 lbs heavier...but WHATEVER. I love them irrationally?!??!?!?!?! (They were last seen here.)

It was such a party having someone to take photos with, so I'm hoping to be doing more of this collab-ing in the near future. I'm also trying to return to more regular, timely blogging - I'll do my very best!

Happy Monday, lovebugs!

Le Homardait Qui Tricot

Friday, July 01, 2011

Tshirt: Anthropologie
Pants: Anthropologie
Lipstick: Wet 'n' Wild, "Coral-ine"
Necklace (worn as bracelet): gift (thanks Mom)
Shoes: Banana Republic
Nailpolish: Essie, "Licorice"
Toe nailpolish: Chinaglaze, "Frostbite"
Purse: thrifted

I'm late, so the text will be minimal!

I wore this out in the West Loop a few nights ago.

It's an outfit made of three things I don't wear much:
1) t-shirts, and
2) pants, and
3) a knitting lobster!

I think this says "The lobster which knits"...which makes no sense and is fun.

Late-afternoon light...I apologize. The pants are actually a totally awesome cobalt blue color. (Still on sale at Anthro, though the blue is all out! Check them out.)