Shopgirl, Off Duty

Friday, April 29, 2011

T-shirt: American Apparel
Shorts: Anthropologie
Cardigan: Old Navy
Tights: Francesca's
Shoes: Cole Haan
Necklace: Forever 21
Nailpolish: Essie "Borrowed & Blue"

I bought these shorts Tuesday and couldn't wait for the proper weather to wear them. I threw them on with some tights Wednesday morning and haven't taken them off since. I'm obsessed. I wore this doing errands, teaching lessons, and out to a bar in LS.

I was forced to buy these tights earlier this week when the ones I was wearing ripped a huuuuge hole while I was at work. Thank goodness, because they're the softest, most comfortable tights I've ever owned. I'm not sure of the manufacturer - but I'll find out and post it later. They're the best.

I honestly don't even really like this cardigan that much - but it's a nice brown and it kept me warm. (I don't even want to get into how depressed I am that I am STILL concerned about keeping warm when May is three days away.)

These shoes are beat to DEATH - I wear them constantly. I know people like blogs to be full of pristinebrandnewperfectflawless things, but let's be real for a second - these guys have been through a lot with me and they deserve a shout! They're the Cole Haan/Nike collab from last fall and they're the most well constructed flats I've ever owned.

The necklace is made of cork and has tiny brown flowers printed on it. I wouldn't ordinarily wear something as obvious as a heart, but this one grabbed me for some reason. Sweet, not saccharine.

What do you wear when you're relaxing?

Also, don't forget to enter the giveaway! I'll be sending one of my fabulous readers a package of presents on May 10th, it could be YOU! Leave a comment on this post with all the ways you entered.

Happy Friday!

Hi/Lo + Giveaway!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dress (worn as shirt): J Crew
Skirt: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Necklace: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Shoes: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Bracelets: stolen from sisters, Orchid Lane, vintage (thanks Gram)

Nailpolish: Essie, "Borrowed and Blue"

Since I have an addiction to clothes and I never have any money, I am a big fan of hi/lo mixing. Now let me be clear: when I say hi/lo, I don't mean mixing a $700-800 dollar blouse with a $145 dollar blazer (cough cough Marie Claire. I mean, really??) I'm talking splurging on an $80 dollar dress and mixing it with a thrifted skirt that cost $4.80. Same idea, way smaller scale.

This is what I wore to work today. Its warm enough to be tights-less, but I'm not comfortable wearing a short skirt to work without them, so I needed to pull out a longer, cooler weather skirt. This puppy was found a couple years ago, and is so soft and delightful.

It's, of course, 4 sizes too big for me. Hence the super cinched belt (another thrifted find!).

Light blue and brown/tan are impossible colors to go wrong with. And since I love mixing bold patterns, it made sense to keep a textured but neutral piece between the buffalo checked blouse and leopard shoes.

I feel like this might be a season-less outfit, which is always good news. When your budget is tiny, you gotta make every piece sttttttttttretch!

And now, I'm very excited to announce my first giveaway!

In the past I've received offers from a few brands to do hosted giveaways, but haven't really found one that seems to fit my style and feelings about how giveaways should work. So I'm taking matters into my own hands and doing my own little ditty!

I have really cool readers, and I wanted to say thanks with a little package of happiness for someone.
So, I will be giving away...

Three of my favorite shades: The "It" Color, Jade is The New Black, and Lucky Lucky Lavender

This awesome, newly thrifted bag (last seen here)

This little robot watch necklace dude! Isn't he the cutest?!

A pretty piece recently found at Forever 21

Wanna enter? Here's all you gotta do:

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+2 entries if you repost the giveaway! (just leave a link with your comment)
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I'll be picking the winner in two weeks - on May 10th!

Pretty Things + Closet Sketches! Pt. III

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's that time again, friends!
I've been sketched!

Part three of a dreamy and on-going collab
with the cool, sassy, and infinitely talented
Lauren of My Closet In Sketches!

As you can see above, it's my first week working at Anthropologie - it's been a blast, and of course, I couldn't resist shopping as soon as I got my discount...what can I say. ISSUES.

The original photo she sketched from!

Top here, belt here, skirt here.

Here are the first and second sketches she did of my outfits.
Here's the link to the post on her blog -
Go check it out, you WON'T regret it!

Things are nuts on my end lately,
but hopefully they'll settle down soon
and I'll be able to update a little more often.

Til the next!

Lace, leapord, & bows (in a totally non-lingerie way)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dress: Forever 21
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Necklace: gift, Macy's (thanks Mom)
Earrings: bought on the street in New York
Purse: thrifted
Shoes: DSW

SO! I started a new job last Friday! I had been working on an outfit for days, and came up with this one. It was perfect, I loved it...annnnnnd of course, thanks to stupid Chicago weather, I didn't get to wear it. But make no mistake, I will be wearing it as soon as it gets out of the high 40s again!

Just bought this dress at Forever 21 last week. I was there picking out a few goodies for my upcoming giveaway (...woo!...), and had promised myself I wouldn't buy anything to keep. As soon as I saw this little lace number I knew I was in trouble.

Candy drop necklace from Mom.
Brand new final sale DSW shoes. I cannot believe they were only $24.
I found this purse thrifting last week, its the softest leather and has the prettiest textures across the front. I wish more than anything that it had a long loop strap...but I still love it!

I almost never wear belts or sashes that are made of the same material as the dress is, but the peachy color on this one was too pretty. I could just as easily have swapped it out for a skinny brown leather belt, but I'm a sucker for pretty nude colors.

You know, I can't believe that this cardigan has only made it onto the blog one other time, considering how often I wear it. The clasp has worn out and the cotton is a little stretched now, but with a belt it's not too obvious.

I hope you had a fabulous weekend!

A boyish girl

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shirt: Target
Pants: Banana Republic
Necklace: gift, Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Bracelet: gift, vintage (thanks Gram)
Glasses: bought on the street in New York
Shoes: thrifted

Today's outfit came together when I realized it had been almost five months since I posted an outfit with pants! Though I don't wear pants much, I wear them more often than THAT. This is what I wore running errands and thrift shopping around the city yesterday. (It was so comfortable and easy I may be wearing it again today...)

I am the girliest girl in many ways, but every once in a while I do like to throw on simple, classic, masculine pieces. I always say that if my body was less girly (read: small waist, not small hips) I would wear only men's clothes - I love how clean, straight, and practical they are.

First and foremost: these pants are made of magic. I've had them for a year, worn them at least once or twice a week, and they've managed to hold onto their shape. They look good with EV-ER-Y-THING. I've worn them with heels, with flats, with sandals, with flow-y blouses, with t-shirts, with chunky sweaters and huge name it. Last spring they were called the "Skinny Crop", this year they're called the "Sloan Crop" and you can pick them up here. Think of them as a J Crew "Minnie", but with more stretch.

The shoes (last seen here and here) were a maaaajor thrifting score. I feel like C3P0 in them, in the best and most fun way. I don't wear them super often because they're slippery on the bottom, I may have them retreaded...anyway. The necklace is a gift from my awesome Mom, the bracelet was passed down from my Grandmother (I have a photo of her in her wedding dress wearing it - she's so beautiful).

I'm one of those annoying people who doesn't need glasses but thinks they're awesome, so I fake it. After many years of searching for falsies (remember those years, Bizzy?), I found a pair while roaming the streets in New York a few years ago and jumped out of my skin with joy.

There is nothing in the world as cool, relaxed, and sexy as a tied up oxford. Not only is it visually PERFECT (loose, skin-baring), but I've seen women of every age do it, and I've seen it everywhere I've gone. From rodeos in Texas, to hipsters in dive bars in Chicago, to elderly women strolling the streets in Aspen, to campers on the California coast, to new Moms walking with strollers in Michigan. It just WORKS! So effortless, so sexy. I thought it when I was 10, I will think it til the day I die.

And now, a quick question.
I'm going to be doing my first giveaway pretty soon,
and I was wondering:

What do you (yes, YOU!) think is the easiest/best way to follow a blog?
Bookmarking? Google reader? Bloglovin'? The Blogger reader-thingy?
Something else?

Let me know :)

Kretativ Blogger Award!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I got tagged by the hilarious, fabulous Alyssa at Fleur de Lyss to participate in the Kreativ Blogger Awards! Fun stuff. Here are the rules:
+ 10 things about you
+ tag 10 bloggers + pass it on
Here goes!

10) I leave a trail of hair ties everywhere I go.

9) I was blonde for a couple years as a child (given my family tree, this makes NO sense)!

8) Though I have a beautiful camera and take pretty nice pictures, I have no idea what any of the buttons I use mean. Absolutely no clue. I know what they do, not what they are.

7) I have an absurd fear of math. All math. I hate it more than almost anything.

6) I'm obsessed with fake tattoos. The goofier the better. (I had Buzz Lightyear on my back last week)

5) I've been to 46 US states, but never been out of the country. Except Canada once when I was like, nine. And I suppose I've driven through it a couple times on my way to New York.

4) I have almost 11,000 songs on my computer. 30.7 days, 52.28 GB.

3) I like to drink like a man. Manhattans, martinis, sidecars, tequila on the rocks. (This doesn't mean I don't enjoy the occasional glass of champagne or sugary margarita!)

2) Depending on the garment and label, I wear anything from a size 2 to a size 8. I have no idea what size I actually am!

1) I've lived in Texas, Michigan, Colorado, and Illinois. Can't pick a fave.

I'm bending the rules and tagging ALL OF YOU! GO!

Annnnnd just cause I'm so excited about spring, here are some flowers!!

Shows, frills, and blooms

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Dress: thrifted, Zara
Belt: thrifted
Earrings: Claire's
Shoes: thrifted, Forever 21
Nailpolish: ULTA, Razzberry

I went to see Little Scream and Sharon Van Etten this weekend at Lincoln Hall. They were both awesome and I highly recommend you check them out!

I actually wore my mom's brown leather riding boots from the 80s, but as I've been wearing them thin for about five years, they're in TERRIBLE condition. I'm going to try to have them repaired/resoled, and once I do I'll make sure to get a good image of them up. These shoes were a close second choice, and are much more photo-appropriate.

Confession - - I've never been a HUGE Zara fan. It has a certain slickness to it that I only like in moderation - but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some super appealing individual pieces. Even when I find one though, 9 times out of 10 I can't afford it. (Is it just me or is it REALLY expensive considering the quality...??) But anyway. I found this dress second-handing and was overjoyed, so I suppose I need to give Zara a little more credit than I previously have. It weighs nothing and flows so perfectly. I'll be wearing it every other day as it warms up, I'm sure.

The belt was another joyous thrifting find. I think at least 80% of my belts are thrift store gems.

Simple, springy, light.
Thank god for the breaking seasons.

Playlist - Spring

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

[Friends, Feet. Michigan, spring 2009]

The other night's crazy thunderstorm and 72 degree peak have made it official in my mind: spring is upon us. I herald the start of most seasons with a mix, so here you are! It's mostly optimistic, fresh sounding tracks that remind me of things coming back to life.

1. ooh la la - the faces
2. chemicals collide - cloud cult
3. are you still in valda? - jj
4. baby don't go - dum dum girls
5. lovers' carvings - bibio
6. wait for the summer - yeasayer
7. meet me in the morning - bob dylan
8. lovely head - goldfrapp
9. the breeze - dr. dog
10. the black keys work - erlend Øye (dj kicks remix)
11. new theory - washed out
12. heartstopper - emiliana torrini
13. honey and the moon - joseph arthur
14. strangers - ed harcourt
15. beach party - air france
16. oh, maker - janelle monáe
17. michigan state - devendra banhart
18. quiet town - josh rouse
19. things will never be the same again - jj
20. the general specific - band of horses

[scroll to the bottom & click the link with the flashing red arrow to download the .zip file]

In case you're still in the mood for warm fuzzies, grab the fall playlist, "Sigh", here!