Sienna, Sequins, and Obsession

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shirt: Sanctuary
Skirt: gift, Macy's (thanks Mom)
Tights: ...can't remember...
Shoes: thrifted, originally Forever 21
Necklace: J Crew
Nailpolish: OPI "Kennebunk-Port", Revlon "Make Mine Mango", Forever 21 nameless yellow, OPI "Jade Is The New Black", Chinaglaze "Frostbite"

So. Once upon a time, zillions of years ago, (and by that I mean 2006), Sienna Miller wore a short, gold sparkly Burberry dress. I believe it was to the Costume Institute Gala in New York...but anyway. The image of that dress is burned into my memory. I was obsessed with it - everything it evoked, everything it spoke, every mood and movement it called to mind. I can't really explain why. Here's the best picture I could find of it:

[image via]

Given my level of obsession it would have made sense to just buy it, but there were several problems there: a) I didn't have/don't have/will never have that kind of money, b) it's too short for me, and c) the top half of it would make me look like a no-necked, short-torso-ed loon. So the dream was abandoned, til last week when I opened a little package from my mother carrying the most LOVELY golden, sequined skirt.

The fact that it's a skirt and not a dress has actually been awesome. It's allowed me to have more fun with top and accessory options, so I can take the mood of the dress I love and make it a little more my own...a little more mis-matchy.

I found this awesome eyelet blouse at Macy's this week on sale. I didn't originally have it in mind to go with the skirt, but I really liked the idea of the holes in the fabric complementing the circular sequins on the skirt. Plus, pairing casual, military eyelet with fancy gold sequins seems to make no sense - - which makes me like the idea of it even more.

Sienna wore black shoes with her dress - a logical choice, but I don't wear black shoes all that often, and wanted something to go with the soft, warmer hues of the skirt and top.

I admit that my nails were incidental, but aren't they FUN??? I haven't had rainbow nails since I was about 13...!

I hope to wear this at some point this weekend while one of my BEST, BEST friends is in town visiting! I have no Gala to attend, but I'm sure we'll think of something fancy to do :)

Happy Wednesday!

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