Pretty Things + Closet Sketches! Pt. II

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Lovely news :)

My awesome, awesome friend Lauren at My Closet in Sketches has drawn up another of my outfits! This ensemble was inspired entirely by Lauren's idea from a couple weeks ago on her post Audrey, Tattooed - making an old clutch new by covering it with a scarf!

Here's the original photo she sketched from:

Yes yes, I believe it's time for Blog Squeal number two...

I highly recommend you check out her blog - - LOADS of inspiration, LOADS of talent. Hopefully someday soon Lauren and I will be in the same locale and can do a realtime collab!

You can check out Lauren's first sketch of me here.

Happy Wednesday to you all :)

PS - I know I've been slow about responding to comments the past couple weeks - - please don't mistake the slowness for a lack of love and appreciation! You are all the BEST!

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