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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

[Hideout. Feb 2011]

Last weekend I went to the Interview Show at the Hideout with Mark Bazer. I heard via a random flyer that one of my favorite bloggers, Tavi of Style Rookie, would be there speaking and I couldn't resist the opportunity to hear her speak!

Not only did she give a great, adorable, honest interview (in which she talked about her new magazine, bullies, and being herself), but I got to meet her afterward! She was incredibly nice and normal...such a joy to talk to. Here's a picture that the sweet Ximena of Chicago Now took of me, Tavi, and my roommate Emma (yes, the same Emma who is responsible for lots of my favorite closet finds!).

Mark Bazer was hysterical, the other interviewees were very interesting, and we also stayed for fantastic sets by Portland/Seattle bands The Quiet Life and Moondoggies. Such a wonderful evening.

Other than that, things have been a little tough as of late. So I decided to post a track from a band that never fails to make me feel comforted - The Weepies. The title track, "Hideaway", from their 2008 album is the musical equivalent of a large mug of tea, warm blanket, and a shoulder massage. I think so, anyway! Check out the very sweet music video below.

"Hideaway" - The Weepies.
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