Favorite Songs from 2010

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Many of these songs were released last year, many of them weren't. Some are actually super old. But they're the ones I listened to the most! In no particular order, the songs that got me through 2010, and a few words about them.

[They're all individually linked so you can grab the ones that sound interesting to you. Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click the orange link, everything else on the page is ads.]

1. "What Would I Want? Sky" - Animal Collective
psychedelic. rolling. lilting. flying.

2. "La Ritournelle (Mr. Dan's Magic Wand Mix)" - S├ębastien Tellier
twinkling. urgent.

3. "The Wolves (Act I and II)" - Bon Iver
intimate. sparse. best-use-of-autotune-ever.

4. "Dancing On My Own" - Robyn
thrilling. flashy. sad.

5. "All I Got" - Amel Larrieux
determined. fearless. honest.

6. "So Bad" - Talkfine
dynamic. writhing. so so much fun.

7. "Home" - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros
warm. bouncy.

8. "Dog Days Are Over" - Florence + The Machine
disconnected. surprising.

9. "Little Secrets" - Passion Pit
grooving. bright. hands-in-the-air.

10. "Settle Down" - Kimbra
wiggly. steady. frightened.

11. "The Listening" - Lights
cheesy. sparkly. maybe embarrassing.

12. "Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. I)" - Outkast
badass. imaginative.

13. "Crave You" - Flight Facilities (feat. Giselle)
slinky. controlled.

14. "Wavin' Flag" - K'Naan
soaring. motivating.

15. "Electric Twist" - A Fine Frenzy
sassy. sweet. uplifting.

16. "Carosello Ellitico" - Bibio
fuzzy. magical. optimistic.

What were your favorite songs of last year?


Fuyume said...

Ahh i share your love for florence and the machine :) dog days are over is a touching emotional song and florence has an awesome sense of style xx

Marie said...

She really does! So inspired, so thoughtful. She's awesome.

Jee said...

This rendition of 'Home' is so sweet. Have you seen it?


Cecilia Turner said...

I just had to do something like this on my blog. Lots of my favourites in January 2011 are inspired by you. Thanks for sharing your favourites with us.
I love your more personal posts.

Marie said...

Jee, that's my most watched video of the last week :) Sooooo sweet.

And Cecilia, I'm so glad you liked them! Thanks for coming by :)