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Monday, January 31, 2011

[My darling friend Heather and I. Christmas 2010.]

Cool news - I was recently invited by Jenna of Lust, Love, Lose to share "100 Words on Life". The idea is to share what you know about fashion, life, and style in just a few words. I'm young and I have loads to learn, but here are a few things I know for sure!

If you haven’t worn it in 9 months, give it away.
No need to carry excess weight. Plus, someone out there might be able to use what you're not wearing! [If you're in Chicago give Sarah's Circle or Cornerstone Community Outreach a try - both organizations do a great job with donations.]

Walk everywhere, eat everything, dance shamelessly, stretch often.
In my limited experience, its the chicest, cheapest, most fun way to feel healthy.

Stop apologizing.
For being smart, for being beautiful, for being funny, for being irresistible. Save it for the occasions when you've actually messed up.

If you don’t completely adore it, don’t buy it.
Which brings me to my next point…

If you don’t feel great in it, don’t wear it.
There is nothing worse then being stuck in an outfit you don't feel like yourself in. This defeats the purpose (and the fun) of dressing. Let clothes be a reflection of your spirit.

If you wear nothing else, wear mascara.
It is my trusty secret weapon.

Be brave.
Take risks! Sometimes you'll succeed! The worst that could happen is that you'll fail, and in those cases we have several indestructible, no-fail tools on our side: a) family, b) friends, c) tea, d) music, and e) youtube videos of cute animals.

If you don’t laugh you’ll cry (and laughing is almost always better).
I've changed my mind - laughter is my secret weapon, not mascara. Though mascara is magical too :)

Need some more inspiration? Pop on over to the homepost on Jenna's blog, where you'll find more fabulous words of advice from Rosco Valentine, Blah Blah Becky, Emily's Fashion Finds, The Vintalogist, I'm Freestyling, and Dear Winnie.

Happy Monday, everybody!

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