Keep on your mean side

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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I hope all of you had a wonderful, warm Christmas! Mine was perfect - the longest, most relaxing vacation I've had in at least a couple of years. Now that I'm rested I will be returning to the blog full force, so expect pretty frequent updates in the coming days.

Today's tune comes to you from rockers The Kills, from their 2003 album Keep On Your Mean Side. The track, "Hitched", is noisy but somehow simple. I can almost hear them chain smoking between phrases.


"Hitched" - The Kills
[scroll to the bottom and click the orange "download" link]


Mr. and Mrs. DIGZ said...

Good to hear you had a nice Christmas. Chicago weather is making it not feel like the holidays at all!


Marie said...

It was lovely indeed :) Thanks for stopping by!