I wear a lot of dresses with blazers, don't I?

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Blazer: J Crew
Dress: Thrifted (label: Jovovich-Hawk for Target)
Tights: Gap
Necklace: Banana Republic
Socks: Banana Republic
Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace (worn as bracelet): vintage/gift (thanks Gram)

It's Saturday and I have the day off - - I honestly cannot believe my good luck. In celebration, here's an outfit post! This is what I wore shopping and working yesterday.

This dress was first featured way back when, in one of my very first outfit posts. It remains one of my best second-hand finds, and even though it's designed as a summer dress I thought that the colors were muted enough for a fall wear as well.

One thing you should know, dear readers: I absolutely hate socks. It's completely irrational, but they drive me nuts. As a result, I don't really own any socks. Now that it's cold I've accepted I have to own a few pairs, but I will no longer be buying boring ugly short athletic socks from TJ Maxx. No sir. I will now only wear brightly colored, pretty, textured socks! (Well, and these once I get my hands on some more of them. Despite my sock hatred I love having toasty toes, so when I've HAD to wear them these are the only kind I've worn in the past.) I just got these pink ones and they're like a shot of espresso for any outfit, particularly with my favorite thrifted booties.

The navy velvet blazer is from J Crew about three years ago - an extremely versatile wardrobe staple. It has hot pink satin lining in the sleeves which is half the reason I made the investment, honestly.

I originally wanted to try a new necklace with the dress, but this one is just too perfect. The bracelet is actually a necklace and matches the earrings from this post. I'd love to wear them all together but I don't think I have quite the command and elegance that matchy-jewelry requires. Maybe when I'm older and/or slightly more mature.

Olive likes to be included in the photo-taking. Perhaps she'll write her own blog someday :)


maihit05 said...

AHHHH this is sooo cute i wish i could pull off the small boots with the laces and sokes with tights off but...i've tried and i just look too silly so i went with big boots and jeggings. I RUV YOU

Marie said...

Thanks booooo :)

Lee said...

Wow! I love everything about this outfit. The print on that dress is amazing. Velvet blazers are about to make a huge comeback. I've noticed them sneaking in to many collections. Love your boots as well!


A, J and S said...

I love love the dress! Its so cute!

Marie said...

Thanks Lee and you lovely three at A J & S :)

daughteroftheRiver said...

This is super cute, I am loving the dress and boots.

Marie said...

Awww thanks dear! You're too kind :)