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Thursday, October 21, 2010

[image via bigchill]

"Pigeons" by The Hundred in The Hands is my favorite song today. I first heard it on an absolutely fabulous blog that I truly recommend to all of you, MP3 Medication. These kids really know their stuff. They post downloads, tracks, videos, playlists...its endless and awesome.

They posted the crazy music video for "Pigeons", which I also can't stop watching. Seeing this girl teeter around is weirdly fascinating. Here it is here, here it is there, here it is everywhere.

"Pigeons" - The Hundred In The Hands


evie said...

I love this song too! Thanks for the introduction. Was surprised when she started spewing fireworks though!

I just noticed your lovely comments on my blog had been put into my spam folder so I never saw them until now. So annoying! I hope you don't think I'm rude for not posting your comments before. I really appreciate you stopping by my blog and am annoyed at wordpress for blocking them! I've fixed this now. grr

evie x
One More

Marie said...

No worries Evie :) Love your blog! And thanks for stopping by!