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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ginko! Chicago, Ravenswood, November 09

I do the great bulk of my wardrobing in the summer and fall - I've always found the moods of these seasons to be most in line with the moods I want to evoke with clothes. Of the two seasons fall is definitely my favorite, so even though it's still hot out I'm already poking around for cooler weather goodies.

Topping my list so far: absolutely everything from EM Collection.

It's the lady herself modeling!

Professional cutie pie and crafting legend Emerson Fry has launched her first clothing line entitled EM Collection as a supplement to her other creative ventures, and it is plain adorable. Every item makes me drool. Especially the BlueBells bell-bottoms (HELL YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!) and the grey Ribbons Dress, both above.

If you're looking for a magic blend of east-coast prep meets vintage-cool, this is your stuff as the inevitable chill rolls in. Just looking at it makes me want to bake apple pies and play my guitar on a white wraparound porch. Eeee I cannot wait for fall.

Now if only my apartment could be less than 90 degrees. Sigh.


Lauren said...

OMG I want it all. It's so perfectly preppy but also cheeky and feminine...

Also I am totally on board with you in regards to seasonal shopping; fall is definitely where it's at. In the meantime, we'll keep dreaming!!!

Hand drawn:

Marie said...

Isn't it all the CUTEST?? She's so awesome!!