Sometimes I fear I'm a walking poster for Gap, Inc.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shirt: Banana Republic
Shorts: Old Navy
Tights: Gap
Earrings: vintage/gift (thanks Gram)
Shoes: Banana Republic

A couple notes about this outfit: 1) it looks positively horrible on a hanger. 2) Everything in it, save the earrings, was manufactured by Gap, Inc. Clearly I get a lot of usage out of my employee discount. I'd be a much wealthier woman if I decided to work for a different company.

Anyway. I bought the shirt to wear with a high-waisted pencil skirt for New Year's Eve this past January. I haven't worn it again, mostly for lack of an occasion, but my roommate encouraged me to bring her out and give her a try, so here she is. Paired with dark brown wool shorts, my favorite slate grey tights, and my light grey Rumers from Banana.

The earrings are another hand-me-down from my grandmother. They have a matching necklace that I sometimes wear as a bracelet. I used to wear them to work, and as a result they've gone through a bit of damage: some of the little flowers have broken off. I'm much more careful about where I wear them now, but luckily the missing flowers aren't too obvious.

I put my hair in pigtail braids, then pinned them at the base of my neck. Very easy, very elegant.

Happy Tuesday!


Monica at In Wanderment said...

Hey Marie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm loving your style -- far too cute for a "glam / grimy" job :)

Lauren said...

hey new apartment! you're so cute. love it all.

Hand drawn:

Marie said...

Thanks guys! :)