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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of the most coolly pedigreed women on earth - she's the child of icons Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. She is beautiful, she is talented, she is the pinnacle of a certain French casual-sexy swag. Though she's possibly more known for her excellent acting work than her musical career, she's been making music for many years and I think her most recent effort is quite notable.

Her 2009 album IRM was inspired partly by a brainscan (MRI...clever girl) and subsequent surgery she underwent for a cerebral hemorrhage in 2007. She thought about and wrote music as a way to keep herself calm. As a result the album is heady, a little frightening, and extremely intricate. I can almost imagine her trying to relax when I listen to "Dandelion", one of my favorite tracks on the album. The slow lilt of the drums, the twangy old West bass line, and the quiet breathy vocals add up to an exercise in controlled, self-imposed repose.

Makes me want to meditate. Enjoy.

"Dandelion" - Charlotte Gainsbourg
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