Black Swan trailer

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I absolutely can't wait for Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan to come out. Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm not much of a thriller girl (unless of course we're referring to the Michael Jackson album), but this one looks so intriguing. The colors, the ballet, the overall mood is very frightening and very pretty.

Last time I was in New York I accidentally walked into the set of this movie, and my friend actually met Natalie Portman. He said she looked like a tiny fairy covered in feathers and glitter, and had a very small voice. Honestly that's how I imagine Natalie Portman at all times.

Check out the trailer below.

Casual Almost Friday + Give/Get

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sweater: Banana Republic
T-shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Banana Republic
Belt: Calvin Klein
Bracelets: flea market in St. Thomas, raided from my sisters (thanks Cecille + Michelle)
Earrings: bought on the street in New York City last summer
Shoes: DSW
Nail polish: Wet 'n' Wild "Private Viewing"

This has been a rather trying few days for me, so I coped the only way I know how: I bought a few new clothes and played with them all week long. In defense of my indulgence (though a weak defense it may be considering how tightly I am living), I truly do believe retail therapy can work wonders when practiced safely. At least for me.

It's one of those magic times when I'm allowed to wear jeans to work, so this is what I wore today. I was actually wearing some new little brown heels for the majority of the day, but alas, blisters won out and I switched to flats. But at least they were my favorite flats, found at DSW two years ago in the clearance bin. This is my first animal print sweater and it's safe to say I can feel the birth of a new addiction.

As you may have noticed, virtually everything in this outfit was bought at Banana Republic. I don't even know why I bother to write down where my clothes come from anymore. EMBARRASSING.

What's the occasion for Casual Thursday? As a matter of fact, it's Give and Get weekend. This means that I get to give out coupons to all my friends and family, for 30% off full-price and sale all weekend at the entire brand family (meaning BR, Gap, Old Navy, Piperlime, and Athleta, on-line and in-store, outlets and factory stores included).

So dear readers, if any of you are there, I thought I'd leave you a link for the coupon as well, just in case any of you are also needing some retail therapy. On top of the sale, Gap Inc will donate 5% of what you spend with my coupons to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. They do invaluable work to fight and cure all kinds of blood cancers. Read more about them here.

Here's the link for the coupon - hope you enjoy.

No One's Gonna Love You More

[Image via Pitchfork]

"No One's Gonna Love You" by Band of Horses is one of my favorite songs, so I was delighted to find an awesome, awesome cover done by Gnarls Barkley's resident genius Mr. Cee-Lo Green. Not only is the cover as cool as the original, but there's a very pretty accompanying music video full of the two most ecstatic and angst-y things I know of: road trips and young love.

Enjoy, and here's the original song:

"No One's Gonna Love You" - Band of Horses
(scroll to the bottom and click the orange "download" link)

Everyday Errand Outfit

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hat: Banana Republic
Necklace: World Market (thanks Mom)
Sweater: Thrifted/gift (vintage Marshall Field's tag inside the neck!) (thanks Mitch)
Shirt: Target
Pants: Forever 21
Shoes: Sperrys
Bag: Lucky

I've worn this outfit a couple of times, usually to do low-key, solitary things: grocery shopping, library trips, long walks outside. I originally thought it was too casual to post, but the more I considered it the more I realized that it's one of my favorite and most consistent outfits. It may not be glamorous, but it's a true example of What I Wear.

This hat made its first appearance on my blog here, and really has been a major MVP this summer. The shoes are also a summer staple, as is the necklace. Honestly that's probably why I've worn this outfit so frequently: it's full of staples that are easy to throw on and feel put together in. The shirt is an XXL and huge on me, but the sweater keeps it from ballooning toooooo much.

The sweater was found in a Wicker Park thrift store by my dear friend Mitch - he accidentally hot dried it and it shrunk like crazy, so I got dibs! It's admittedly way too hot for summer, but I'm stubborn and just sort of ignore that fact. It's all shrunken and purple and vintage-Marshall-Fields-y, how can I not wear it all year round?!?!

A note: I know it's so silly to have your camera be in pictures with you. Totally amateur, but alas, I have to take my own pictures for the time being and I don't really have the proper equipment to do it with. I promise I'll get a damn tripod soon, and when that happens the pictures will get infinitely better. Bear with me til then?

These Forever 21 jeans are everything you'd expect: cheap, tight, and cheap again. But hey, they work. I'm actually in the market for a higher-quality pair of black skinny jeans this fall, if some of you lovely people have any suggestions!

(Another note: These pants are a size 12. Unremarkable fact, except for two things: a) I am a size 6, which is an indication that Forever 21's sizing system is totally whack. I know they're geared towards a younger market but COME ON, it's not like I do the rest of my shopping at Chico's. I am a 6-8 at comparable stores like H&M/Zara, and that jump seems huuuuuge to me! b) If you're bigger than the F21 version of size 8, you're plus size. I don't even know where to start outlining how massively messed up this is.)

Other places I'd like to wear this: trolling art museum galleries, paddleboating, to a cider mill when it cools down.

Wait, summer is almost actually gone...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I know I've been talking about how excited I am for fall, but I just came across these interviews with three of my favorite models for H&M's summer 2010 collection and now I'm feeling nostalgic and a little sad that August is almost gone.

Sigh! Suppose I'll just have to squeeze in one more beach trip!

Gifts & hand-me-downs make me a happy girl

Friday, August 13, 2010

Cardigan: Ann Taylor (thanks Mom)
Shirt: H&M (thanks Emma)
Pants: Forever 21
Belt: H&M
Necklace: Handmade by my best friend Bizzy (thanks Biz)
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless

Toe nail polish: Essie, Shop Till I Drop (thanks Emma)

When I take a step back and look at it, it's truly incredible how many of my favorite clothes have been gifts or hand-me-downs. No matter the day or occasion, I can usually look down and spot at least one piece of my outfit that was gifted.

How beautiful are the beads on this necklace??

My roommate Emma gave me this yellow shirt a couple of days ago and I immediately started planning an outfit to use it with. I had also been working on finding some clothes to go with this gorgeous necklace my friend Bizzy made me for Valentine's Day in 2007 (she is incredibly good with making accessories), and it seemed like the two items would mesh together perfectly.

I suppose the best occasion to wear this outfit would be on a date - the pegged black jeans and high high green polka-dotted wedges give it an air of pin-up, and the cardigan softens it up a bit. A good blend of saucy and coy. I could also wear it to work if I swapped out the black jeans for some black skinny chinos. Of course I can't wear it yet because I'd melt even walking outside my apartment in it, but for the fall...I'll definitely be giving it a try.

Funnily enough, the gold belt is 10 years old and the first item I ever bought at H&M (it's totally falling apart but I wear it anyway). Even more hilarious, the first person to take me to H&M was my Dad - even the men in my life have lead me to some of my fashion obsessions.

A large thank-you to my very cool friends and family for these gems.

Dumb luck is the only luck I ever knew

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg is one of the most coolly pedigreed women on earth - she's the child of icons Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg. She is beautiful, she is talented, she is the pinnacle of a certain French casual-sexy swag. Though she's possibly more known for her excellent acting work than her musical career, she's been making music for many years and I think her most recent effort is quite notable.

Her 2009 album IRM was inspired partly by a brainscan (MRI...clever girl) and subsequent surgery she underwent for a cerebral hemorrhage in 2007. She thought about and wrote music as a way to keep herself calm. As a result the album is heady, a little frightening, and extremely intricate. I can almost imagine her trying to relax when I listen to "Dandelion", one of my favorite tracks on the album. The slow lilt of the drums, the twangy old West bass line, and the quiet breathy vocals add up to an exercise in controlled, self-imposed repose.

Makes me want to meditate. Enjoy.

"Dandelion" - Charlotte Gainsbourg
*download removed by request in accordance with DMCA*

WANTS - Fall Shopping - EM Collection

Ginko! Chicago, Ravenswood, November 09

I do the great bulk of my wardrobing in the summer and fall - I've always found the moods of these seasons to be most in line with the moods I want to evoke with clothes. Of the two seasons fall is definitely my favorite, so even though it's still hot out I'm already poking around for cooler weather goodies.

Topping my list so far: absolutely everything from EM Collection.

It's the lady herself modeling!

Professional cutie pie and crafting legend Emerson Fry has launched her first clothing line entitled EM Collection as a supplement to her other creative ventures, and it is plain adorable. Every item makes me drool. Especially the BlueBells bell-bottoms (HELL YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT!!!) and the grey Ribbons Dress, both above.

If you're looking for a magic blend of east-coast prep meets vintage-cool, this is your stuff as the inevitable chill rolls in. Just looking at it makes me want to bake apple pies and play my guitar on a white wraparound porch. Eeee I cannot wait for fall.

Now if only my apartment could be less than 90 degrees. Sigh.

Sometimes I fear I'm a walking poster for Gap, Inc.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shirt: Banana Republic
Shorts: Old Navy
Tights: Gap
Earrings: vintage/gift (thanks Gram)
Shoes: Banana Republic

A couple notes about this outfit: 1) it looks positively horrible on a hanger. 2) Everything in it, save the earrings, was manufactured by Gap, Inc. Clearly I get a lot of usage out of my employee discount. I'd be a much wealthier woman if I decided to work for a different company.

Anyway. I bought the shirt to wear with a high-waisted pencil skirt for New Year's Eve this past January. I haven't worn it again, mostly for lack of an occasion, but my roommate encouraged me to bring her out and give her a try, so here she is. Paired with dark brown wool shorts, my favorite slate grey tights, and my light grey Rumers from Banana.

The earrings are another hand-me-down from my grandmother. They have a matching necklace that I sometimes wear as a bracelet. I used to wear them to work, and as a result they've gone through a bit of damage: some of the little flowers have broken off. I'm much more careful about where I wear them now, but luckily the missing flowers aren't too obvious.

I put my hair in pigtail braids, then pinned them at the base of my neck. Very easy, very elegant.

Happy Tuesday!

All I needed for another day

Monday, August 09, 2010

Not much to say about this song, except that I find it fun and catchy. And how chic are they in this picture?

Bonus points if you can tell me which 90s romantic comedy I discovered it in as a child - - I know that some teen movie is my original source, but I can't remember which one!

"Only You" - Yazoo