Turning trash to treasure

Friday, July 16, 2010

Shirt: Old Navy Shorts: J Crew
Necklace: World Market Belt: Calvin Klein
Shoes: Banana Republic
Bra: Vintage/gift

I'm about to move for the gazillionth time in the city of Chicago, and anybody who knows me can tell you that the great bulk of my belongings are clothes. I have four enormous suitcases that in the past have only been able to hold about a third of my clothes - the rest have gone in garbage bags, duffel bags, beach bags, boxes...anywhere I can find space.

I've recently realized that this is ridiculous, especially when I don't even wear most of the things I cart around with me. The pointless weight needs to get cut this year, before I wind up a crazy old lady with rooms full of clothes instead of cats. This is the summer of The Edit: what I don't wear, I am banishing.

This outfit was inspired by an old pair of Favorite Fit J Crew chinos I was about to throw away. I'd considered throwing them out a few times before, but always ended up keeping them because of their softness and color. In truth I look terrible in J Crew pants (um, sorry I'm not a size-0 wasp with no ass), so I made the decision to throw them out. Then just as I threw them in a garbage bag and accepted that they were gone forever, I remembered the good times and figured I may as well give it a last ditch effort.

I pulled out some scissors, cut off the bottom two thirds off the legs, and rolled them into a short cuff. And POOF! Just like that, the pants that previously made me look like a whale have turned into the most slimming shorts I've ever owned.

I figured burnt orange shorts should have a pretty neutral/warm palate so I added a crisp white shirt with balloon sleeves, and faded, dark gold jewelry.

The belt has a silver buckle that I wish was the same dark gold color as the necklace, but it's still very cool. The shoes are faded grey with a wooden stacked heel/platform, so they fit in nicely as well.

I also liked the idea of having a little bit of a very fancy lace bra showing on the top - the outfit is so demure that it begs for a little fun. I used a faded turquoise lace bra with brown detailing and pale pink flowers.

I think if I had to give this look a name, I'd call it Desert Rose. And I never could have been brave enough to cut up my pants without being brave enough to throw them away first. Moral of the story? If you love something let it go (or, in this case, throw it out) - and if it's truly worth keeping it'll come back to you transformed.


D said...

Awesome! You are so clever!

Wakko said...

Thanks D! I'm very excited about them. They're so soffffffft.

Monica at In Wanderment said...

Nice cutoffs. There's nothing better than a worn in, soft pair of shorts or jeans. Love the color.